The naxx theory craft thread

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With Naxxramus on the way I wanted to get a list started with some of the new cards. We have ye to see the others yet but based on what we have seen so far I wanted to theory craft. feel free to bring your own ideas.

(0) silence- enemy egg/other deathrattle stopper
(0) x2 COH- soul priest combo/cleric synegy
(1) x2 PW: S- it's good enough to be in every deck
(1) x2 abusive sarge- egg enabler/ damage buff
(1) x2 NS cleric- for the card engine
(2) x2 crazed alchemist- to make the shadow priest do more work/egg breaker
(2) x2 nerubian egg- an early game minion that could perhaps give priest that extra early game boost we need
(3) x2 shade of naxx- as it has stealth we can buff it with shield and heal it for extra card advantage
(3) x2 SW: D- obviously
(3) x2 harvest golem- anti aggro
(4) x2 shadow madness- anti aggro/egg steal
(4) mass dispel- not sure if 2 is necessary yet
(4) soul priest- more anti aggro/egg breaker
(6) x2 Cabal shadow priest- Egg/rivendare/golem/whatever steal
(6) x2 boulderfist ogre- big endgame melee beaters
(6) x2 holy fire- life gain/direct damage
(8) rag- he's good
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The problem with Nerubian Egg is that you need to kill it somehow, as it has no taunt and no attack value. So I don't see how it improves early game when you need to combo it somehow to get it working. You'd need to either draw Abusive Sergeant or wait until you can get the Soulpriest out and make use of that. Or SCIENCE I suppose but I like to save that one for working around the Priest removal blind spot of 4 attack.

Shadow Madness to steal eggs would still require a way to kill the egg while it's in your possession. You would have to give it attack power this time, taunt wouldn't do.

I can see egg finding its way into Control Priest decks as they are now, considering they tend to run Sunfury Protectors and Defenders of Argus. Taunt that thing up and hopefully the opponent decides to smash. But mostly I'm seeing Silence becoming increasingly popular depending on which of these new cards see play. Which is why, though I kind of want to, I don't criticize the choice to include Mass Dispel.

I just don't know that egg is going to be as popular as people think. Surely the average player will be smart enough not to break it without silencing it, as it poses no immediate threat. I don't see it as being any faster or better than Ancient Watcher, perhaps more aggro as it can attack but it also runs the risk of being silenced and becoming useless. Whereas Watcher becomes MORE useful when silenced. Good for Shamans and Warlocks, don't think it will have mass appeal. But I could be wrong.

Edit: As long as we're calling New Meta I foresee a Deathrattle Deck, probably Shaman or Paladin for the extra mileage out of Deathrattles, with copious Rivendare action. I suppose I would lean Shaman since they do have cards that can either give a minion taunt or revive a minion when it is killed. Cairne becomes Quadruple Yeti, or perhaps even Sextuple Yeti!

(Play Cairne = 1 Yeti, Cairne Dies for Baine that's 2 Yeti, Proc Rivendare for another Baine for 3 Yeti, Revives from Ancestral Spirit for 4 Yeti, Dies Again for Baine again for 5 Yeti, Procs Rivendare again for whopping total of 6 Yeti.) So value, Much OP.
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I don't think it's necessary to throw taunt on the egg. Id' rather an actual body being taunted, not 2 health.

The egg comes in against aoe spam.
Hunter trap, mage blizzard/flamestrike, Consecrate,Holy nova, Shadowflame, blade furry, etc.

Punish them or make them wary of AOEing. Then laugh.

Wouldn't you love getting a 4/4 body after the priest uses holy nova?
Or basically, right when you flood the board, and KNOW that holy nova is coming, you throw down th egg. And make them cry.
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Few of those aoes would be coming in the early game, which was the point I was arguing against. Explosive trap, sure, but you still need to trigger it somehow which means having something on the board granting the Trap some value. I don't think aoe is generally very valuable against priest as we tend to dedicate some mana toward keeping our minions on the board, rather than spending it all summoning minions. I'm sure Egg will be added to Zoo decks, what with aoe being the main way of stopping them now. :(

I don't see what stops the priest from potentially silencing the egg before blowing it up in your scenario. They are probably the most likely class to run silence now considering the weakness to 4 attack minions like Cairne and Ysera. And the single target class card is free.
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I'll be writing another article for Hearthstoneplayers on the Naxx cards that they choose to unveil (Hoping for another batch before PAX is over personally), so I'm going to be short here but overall Undertaker looks solid, Shade looks solid, Dancing Weapon is trash, Nerubian Egg is underwhelming, Baron is the new Cairne for Control decks.
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Step 1 drop 2 eggs
Step 3 ......
Step 4 Profit!
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What annoys me more is that it is another strength 4 minion...yaaay...great to be a priest
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There will probably be a minion that gains a buff whenever a death rattle is activated. Not the undertaker I mean when the minion actually dies like flesh eating ghoul.
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Well I belive Priest will be truly shining in naxx times. Here is why. Many people will play deathrattle decks which will heavily relly on deathratle actualy takes afect on your side of the board. But with our ability to steal minions we will get upper hand. I alredy love playing shadow madnes on harvester golem gaining the damged golem in the proces. Also priest will have only real board clear with so many deathratles. Mass dispel, Auchenai circle of healing, sure its turn 8 combo but better late then never :D
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I believe all these cards will just buff the zoo deck. The egg combines with all the warlock's dire wolfs, abusive sergeants, void terrors and even power overwhelming (in lack of better options). In fact, the egg clearly prevents priests from using holy nova, if its present on the board. Sure, you can spend an entire turn mass dispelling, but honestly, I think that'd just be a death sentence against a rush deck.

Also, the Undertaker card (1mana, gain +1/1 when a deathrattle minion is played) also combines well with leper gnomes and could lead to harvest golems being used as well.

I can also imagine that Shade of naxxramas, just sitting behind the taunts getting fatter with every turn. Altho, that card should also work in a priest deck, as it gives you a potentially big minion to heal.

I don't think anyone will build a deathrattle deck. Nax cards will just provide more random creatures to be absorbed into the zoo, because zoo is the only deck that can hold enough small guys to allow them to synergize, all thanks to that ridiculous hero power.
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They have only released 5/30 cards for this content patch, so trying to guess the exact effect on priest is a little difficult. However the sad reality is that the effect on priest will almost entirely be contingent on how the other classes/players adopt the cards and not only anything we can proactively do ourselves. Of the five cards, the only one I see priest using is Shade of Nax in a slow moving control deck. Drop it on turn three and play the waiting game.

If we see a much broader addoption of death rattle minions or these low attack minions in general then I could see Cabal Shadow Priest and Mass dispel making thier way into most priest decks. If the impact is generally underwhelming for the current meta than I don't see it making much of an impact independently on priest.
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@good cat

At some point a card stops being a zoo deck if you replace too many things. What would be removed to put these options in? All of the cards in zoo are pretty integral to making it work. Harvest golem,Void terror, egg, undertaker seem rather out of place. The power of the wolf to really get value out of the egg is negligible as a 1/2 isn't all that threatening, the sarge perhaps but not the wolf. The egg might very well be a good AOE couner but somewhat dead weight against another aggro build. Overall I don't think zoo will see much change after this


We will be getting a new class card as well, maybe more if each boss has a challenge mode so I wouldn't count us out of a real buff yet. If something anti aggro comes around that is neutral or priest specific it could be very helpful as our real problem in the current meta is a problem handling rush strats. Maybe some early minions that can make use of our hero power and get us some more early plays, it is rather early to call but hey, hope springs eternal, I feel optimistic.
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