How to handle traps?

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I usually play Shaman and the mindset is that you never play totems and you always activate the traps against a Hunter. I started playing Paladin and Mage to try them out and how should I handle the traps? How should I respond if he has a bow and he plays a trap where none would have a big impact to the board? Example being, he plays explosive trap when my creatures have 4+ health, however he has a Bow out.

I don't wish for hostile replies, I'm not complaining about Hunter I just feel like there's more to know when it comes to tactics while playing against them.

I don't have too hard a time as a Pally since I have a total of 28 points of healing in the deck, however it's a bit more difficult as a Mage because my only life gain is 2 Earthen Rings
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Well, not playing totems because of UTH isn't the best strategy. Instead you should take UTH and the popularity of Hunters into account when creating your deck. There are 2 options to go as a Shaman in this regard:
1. Play swarm Shaman style, which plays plenty of cheap minions instead of the hero power, that way all your minions are threatening to your opponent rather than being pure support like the totems. Which in turn forces the Hunter to react to you even more than he'd normally like with the UTH timing. Basically you want to be playing similar to how Warlock Zoo plays, make favorable trades and mix in a few taunt minions to mess up the Hunter's game plan, while still going for the face often enough, which is a good plan vs Hunters as you have more reach with Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst and of course Bloodlust.
2. Incorporate a few more taunts in your deck than you'd normally like, such as Shieldmastas, Sunwalkers and even Earth Elementals(who are actually insanely good in the current meta) along with your taunt totem and Feral Spirits. You have access to enough good neutral and class taunt minions to be able to play a solid amount of them without gimping your deck too much, which in turn allows you to not worry about UTH and hyper aggressive decks in general too much. than proceed to beat them in the mid-late game with the usual Shaman goodies like its superb removal and Bloodlust kills.

Shaman vs Hunter is still a pretty bad matchup, perhaps the worst matchup a Shaman can have, but that doesn't make the matchup unbeatable. It's a 40:60 at worst, nothing game breaking.
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04/13/2014 06:56 AMPosted by OwlRaider
Basically you want to be playing similar to how Warlock Zoo plays

What? No don't do that, that's terrible advice. Shaman and Zoo are some of Hunter's most favorable matchups, and by mixing them you're just making it worse.

Just don't use totems and try to keep your Unbound alive at all costs, since it's the best way to race him. Wolfs are also great vs Hunter. Earth Elemental is a huge risk because of the huge overload cost. If the Hunter (or anyone else) has a removal for it you'll be in a really bad situation.

Try to watch some Shaman streams because you need to see how they play by yourself, it's hard to explain how you beat a Hunter (but it usually involves playing ~2 minions and killing him ASAP).

Also, when in doubt you attack with the weakest minion first, and if you suspect it's Explosive Trap try to trade your minions or hold off on the attack if they would die. Don't attack with important taunts first if you think it's Freezing.
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From the shammy forum:
04/07/2014 08:10 PMPosted by Guedes
The key to beat a hunter is to rush them down before they rush you down.

Beat one today by using bolt in his face + rockbitter + windfury on my unbound in the forth turn or so, he was 28 hp, after that he got with 14, i was with 22. After this he had to use his UTH without comboing with buzzard or anything else just to destroy my unbound.

Beat another using the same combo turn, just with flametongue + feral spirit + rockbitter + windfury as early as i could.

If you are able to put enough pression on him early game you will most probably win. Dont be afraid to use your removals on his face, or even comboing him when you have the chance even without having lethal (you probably wont have another chance to combo him anyways), remember they cant heal too and when he sees that he is almost 10 hp and you still with 20+ he will start to ignore your face and try to clean your field, and when it comes to field control, hunters dont have a chance against shamans.

Basically, try to force him to use his uth early and/or in subomptimal way. As for triggering traps, use the weakest/least useful minion first. If he has buzzard on board and a secret up, try to kill it with a spell. It is a hunter favoured matchup, so don't expect to steamroll them.
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the perfect way of overcoming the traps while being somewhat safe against uth is to have 2 minions in play, one of them very weak, think 1/1 or 1/3 (argent squire is the best), and another big one, like at least 4/5. Attack with the small one first.

If its explosive, the small guy may die but the big one gets thru.

If it's freezing, the small guy gets returned, the big one gets thru

If it's misdirection, the small guy gets redirected, the big one gets thru

After attack, play another small minion if u lost the first, so you can do the same thing next turn.

U can try to check what his traps are in certain ways. Attacking his minions with yours will trigger freezing, but not the other two. And attacking hunter directly with your hero will trigger explosive, and will trigger misdirection if there is at least 1 minion on board
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