Blessing of Wisdom Underrated ?

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very rarely see this card but I'm loving this card in my control pally where I'm using 1 of them.

I think it's a very underestimated card since Pally is pritty low on card draw to begin with. Let's go over options:


-Divine Favor: tried one of these first, but after about 50 games I decided it's not rlly worth it for a control pally since it's very often a dead card and if it's useable it's often just your regular 2 draw for 3 mana.

-Hammer of Wrath: is solid, although not the most cost efficient card. I use 1 of them, 2 of them didn't quite work out for me

-Lay on Hands: amazing and lifesaving card but since it's 8 mana I was often in need of a card draw mechanic before this, and 1 hammer of wrath not being enough. Running 1.

-Minions: None of them rlly fit well in a pally deck with the exception of Harrison Jones. Wish I had that card but so far I don't have it yet.

Blessing of Wisdom:
Love it so much because it's so versatile. It's always a 1 draw for 1 mana if u want it to be and more often than not it's 2 or 3 if you play it right. Can also be used on an opponents minion, either forcing him to give u card or forcing him to not attack , pritty awesome for 1 mana.

This is my deck. What kind of stuck on rank 7 on with the Divine Favor and seems to be going much better, reaching rank 4 earlyer.

What do u guys think ? Is this card underestimated or not ?
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underrated, perhaps, but i prefer divine favor.

i am more concerned about the draws and my hand later in the game so i learn towards divine favor, it gives me an opportunity to get back even if i am at a card disadvantage later in the game.

Also, if it is a dead card, i use pyro so it can combo well with to get an extra damage on minions on the board.

Itis not often a minion stays on the board long enough to take advantage of wisdom, you may get one draw and that is it most of the time. Divine favor allows you to draw multiple cards when you are in the crucial part of the game.
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The best target for a blessing of wisdom is an opponent's mid-range creature like a yeti.

If you use it on your own minion, it just makes that minion a higher target priority.

If you use it on a weak opponent minion, they just won't attack with it and/or give it taunt so you are forced to destroy it anyway. There are a lot better uses for a card.

If you use it on a strong opponent minion, they just ignore it and your one extra card per turn probably still isn't worth having a strong minion beating on you when you really need to remove it anyway.

If you use in on an opponent mid-range creature though, then things get murky and interesting.

I still prefer divine favor though. If divine favor is a dead card in your hand, then you are probably winning the game so it's not really a big deal. If you are playing against a deck that relies on having a high card count in hand though, divine favor will save your soul.
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04/16/2014 02:57 PMPosted by Faldez
If you use it on a weak opponent minion, they just won't attack with it

Exactly. Pritty sweet for 1 mana. ( looking at 3 dmg 2 drops)

04/16/2014 02:57 PMPosted by Faldez
If you use it on your own minion, it just makes that minion a higher target priority.

Exactly. And this can be a really good thing! Example: Play Cairne and Blessing of Wisdom your Yeti.He can only remove 1. Awesome.

The main thing why I love it: I usually use it on a yeti or a 3drop like Aldor Peacekeeper. for 1 card draw AND a removal or silence force on a 3 or 4 mana unit!! this a friggin AWESOME if you run a Tirion like me , where Removal / Silence Bait is REALLY important

This is the main reason I can't be talked out of this lovely card and I would run 2 if I had a spot I could give way... Love this card to death and I bet my Tirion is very grateful too :P
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The card is indeed underrated. I use it in my pally deck that's at rank 3 now. The card just requires some set up, but when done correctly can give multiple card draws. It's almost like how shamans set up mana tide totem to get cards. As you've mentioned even if they kill the monster, you have cycled the card for something else.
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I don't currently run it, but considering giving it another chance.

I did used to love pairing against Mage going 2nd, them dropping a Mana Wyrm turn one, then me BoW it on my turn! Watching them squirm as the attack goes up trying to decide when it was worth giving me a card haha.
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