A look at removal/ draw across all classes

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There are too many complaint threads out here right now so i will post something semi constructive.
First i will be going over the hard and soft removal options of each class. Then each classes draw mechanics.

For this. Hard removal is anything that guaranteed removes e creature or sets up a guaranteed removal. Soft removal is damage spell type removal that is able to finish creatures.

Lets get started with priest
Hard removal
Shadow word pain 2
Shadow word death 2
Cabal cleric 2
Mind control 2
All the priests hard removal options except for mind control are conditional and the class has no way to modify the conditions built into it

Priest soft removal
Holy fire 2
Holy nova 2
Smite 2
Soul-priest + hero power
Soul priest + circle
Shadow word madness
Priests have limited soft removal with host of their soft removal options not existing until 4 mana. This makes it difficult to both remove a threat and put out any sort of board presence
4 hard removals
4 soft removals
2 soft removals needing 2 cards or interactions
A total of 10 different removal options
Now lets see mage
Hard removals
Pyroblast ( only 3 monsters in the game survive this)
Mages have 1 good hard removal in polymorph, one ok removal on vaporize, and pyroblast can act as a hard removal spell in the most dire emergencies.

Mage soft removal now
Arcane explosion
Arcane missiles
Cone of cold
Flame strike
Frost bolt
Icelance (if frozen) conditional
Mirror entity
Archmage antonidas plus spell
Priests have many soft removals and 5 different spells that can act as aoe damage making them the most diverse in multi damaging options.
Overal a mage has
2 hard removals
1 realy bad hard removal
9 soft removals
1 soft removal dependant on a second card
A total of 13 removal options most dont have targeting problems

Now lets see hunter
Hard removal
Deadly shot
Hunters mark plus 1 damage
2 hard removals. Only ine has any qualifiers on it and both are cheap
Soft removal options
Arcane shot
Multi shot
Animal companion (if you pull pig and need it)
Explosive trap
Kill command
Unleash the hounds
Explosive shot
Misdirection ( if the monster hits another monster
Beastial wrath plus one monster
Eagle bow
Long bow
Hunters have 9 soft removal spells that are always available and have low activation requirements
3 soft removals that need something extra.
Overall hunters have
2 good hard removals
12 soft removals
1 freezing trap ( it doesnt permanently remove anything but ysera

Naturalize 1 mana anything dies. Bad aftereffect though
Savage roar
Savagery ( hard to reach requirement)
Force of nature
Keeper of the grove
Several good low cost soft removals. None of the druids spells require anything to be useable as removal
1 bad hard removal
11 good to great soft removals, 2 of which are aoe's

Ok im tired of typing on my ipad ill continue later
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Hard removal
Execute plus damage
The warrior has tons of ways within their own class to turn on execute without spending extra cards or mana
Soft removal
Heroic strike
Inner rage
Mortal strike
Shield slam
Arcanite reaper
Foery war axe
Battle axe ( from arathi weaponsmith
Cruel taskmaster
warrior soft removal comes in 2 forms. Small damage/ or multiuse manaefficience
2 hard removal options including the cheapest good hard removal and one of the 2 aoe hard removals in the gsme
13 soft removals only 1 having any honorous requirements (shield slam)

Hard removal
Arguable one of the best hard removals on the game. The reason tinkmaster was so broken was he effectively gave hex to all classes.

Soft removal
Frost shock
Rockboter weapon
Earth shock
Windfury plus a monster
Forked lightning
Lightning bolt
Ancestral spirit plus a monster
Lightning storm
Fire elemental
Stormforged hammer
Lava burst
Only windfury and ancestral spirit require something to be used as a removal spell

Overall shamans have probably thebest hard removal
10 good soft removals
And 2 questionable soft removals.

Hard removal
Patient assassin
Assassinate is the spell most hard removal is balanced around. The cheaper it is in relation to assassinate the worse its requirements. In theory. In practice most of the cheaper hard removals are better as they leave their owner enough mana to play a threat out as well.
Soft removal
Sl agent
Deadly poison
Fan of knives
Blade flurry
Assassins blade
Perditions blade
Most rogue soft removal has conditions. And makes up for those conditions by being cheap as heck.
2 decent hard removal options. Only one suffers from taunt problems
10 soft removal options 3 of which don't have extra requirements
Sap/ vanish/ kidnapper do not make this list as they dont remove

The paladin has no perfect hard removals.
Their conditional hard removals are
Repentance plus damage
Equality plus damage
The paladins soft removals are
Holy wrath
Hammer of wrath
Hand of protection plus monster
Blessing of might plus monster
Blessing of kings plus monster
Blessed champion plus monster
Avenging wrath
Lights justice
True silver champion
Sword of justice
Ashbringer (if they run tirion)
The paladin has got the most soft removals that require something else. Its hero power provides that something assuring they will never be dead.
2 of the worst hard removals(equality is used as a great card in combo). There is a turn delay without the combo though
12 soft removals, most require monsters or something happening first. The non requirement soft removals are either aoe or multi use

Fingers tired. Finish in a bit
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Hard removal
Sacrificial p,act(vs warlock)
Siphon soul
Twisting nether
Warlocks have the most hard removal options of all classes
Soft removal
Drain life
Shadow bolt
Demon finre
Mortal coil
Power overwhelming plus monster
Soul fire
Shadow flame
Bane of doom
Dread infernal
Lord jaraxxus
Only 3 soft removals have ectra hardships of needing. A monster or hurting your hand. Lots of low cost

4 different hard removal spells. Only one being restricting
11 soft removalspells . Arguably one of the best soft removal spells(soulfire)

draw power should be easier.
1 mana 1 card power word shield
1 mana/ more cards or 2 mana per draw northeshire cleric
4 mana draw one
3 mana gain 2 cards (this is not draw but is card advantage)
5 mana draw 3
7 mana draw 2
2 mana draw 1 if your at max mana crystals.
3 mana totem draw one at the end of your turn
3 mana draw one card it is 3 mana cheaper
4 mana draw one
1 mana draw one whenever enchanted creature attacks.
3 mana draw till your hand = the opponents hand
8 mana draw 3 plus gain 8 hp.
3 mana draw 2
an almost draw in archmage antonidas if another card is used.
2 mana draw one
3 mana draw one
7 mana draw 4
2 mana draw one for each damaged thing you own(very similar to a one time northshire plus circle healing, counts the player though)
2 mana draw one if the minion survives 2 damage
3 mana draw one gain 5 armor
hero power
1 mana draw one if the target dies
5 mana almost draw if the target dies(bane of doom)
1 mana draw one (flare)
1 mana draw one of the top 3 cards get rid of the other 2 (tracking)
2 mana draw one for every beast summoned after this hits the field

Ok, I should probably provide some explanations for why I posted all the different classes removal options and draw options.

For a class to have good removal it needs flexibility and mana efficiency, Looking above we can tell that priest's are in the bottom 2 for both (paladins would be my pick for the bottom as far as removal flexibility is concerned.

As far as draw power is concerned what matters is Pure card draw/filtering and mana efficiency.
The classes with the best pure card drawing power are, druids warlocks(fromt heir hero power mostly) and hunters since all opponents must play creatures.. the classes that are the mos mana efficient are Hunters, warlocks again, and priests this time.
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I think I'll get Chinese food for lunch today.

I'm stealing this idea.

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Why do you list mortal coil under card draw
and not wrath (2 mana, deal 1 damage draw a card or deal 3 damage) or starfire (6 mana, deal 5 damage draw a card)
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