Paladins! Assemble!

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Guys i have been having trouble getting past rank 10 so much so that i have scrapped all decks and wanted to rebuild something with the paladin!

Could you Vets please let me know if this deck looks solid or not

i will try this out in casual but there is no Meta in casual, everybody is playing different stuff so i'm not sure if i will get the information i need from casual but just to get a feel for the deck its a good place to start!

Please give me some help with this as i would love to break the rank 10 wall i have hit
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Perfect legendaries, its all about surviving till you can play them. I have the same in mine.
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i like kodo a lot, but i find two of them may be overkill. maybe add another taunt/bk or harrison jones.

i had two in my deck before and paladin is already slow and kodo being situational, may drag the deck more.
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I run a faceless manipulator instead of one Kodo I don't have ysera yet though. You might want two pyromancers instead of doomsayers since he's not a guaranteed board wipe. I run a fairly similar deck otherwise rank 12 this season.
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I run 1 faceless and 1 kodo.
2 of either seems like overkill.
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Is Holy Light worth it? I mean, you could use a small minion that could keep the board in your favor till late game.

And don't see why Doomsayer. He's a "taunt", but if you're facing a rush deck he'll probably have 7 damage whenever you put Doomsayer, so he'll delay the damage you take, but not control the table or damage his minions.

I would trade a Kodo for an Avenging Wrath also.
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04/17/2014 11:32 PMPosted by BiruLeiBe
Is Holy Light worth it? I mean, you could use a small minion that could keep the board in your favor till late game.

Personally I think so. You can also combo it with pyromancer to clear some weak zoo trash while healing.

As for OP, I like it. But I think you might be a little too greedy with rag, tirion, and ysera. Might help yourself against aggro to drop rag for a molten giant. I also think you should get your second pyromancer in somehow. I have never tried doomsayer myself so maybe it is good but it is the most obvious card for replacement to me.
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