Warrior Control, need to craft, Suggestions?

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Thanks in advance for your help. I had some good luck on opening some packs today that gave me both a Cairne and a Ragnaros. My Handlock deck is almost completely finished, lacking only a Bloodmage Thalanos (which hasn't seemed worth the 1600 vs some others).

I primarily play the finished handlock deck, and am working with Shaman, Priest, and trying to get a good deck going for the others. I have pretty much all cards unlocked except for legendaries and a few epics. I am sitting on 2510 dust which would be enough for a legendary and a few odds and ends. I have recently been experimenting with Warrior and having a lot of fun with it. I am considering going for control warrior, but wanted to know which legendary I should focus and if I have enough after to make it work. Here is a list of what I have legendary-wise.

Legendary collection (excuse any misspellings):

Carine Bloodhoof
The Black Knight
Old Murk Eye
Leeroy Jenkins

I also have all of the giants due to my main deck, of course.

So can I make it work? Do I need Baron, Grommash, Ysera? Was thinking I could dump a couple epics and D/E Deathwing to grab both Grommash AND Baron? Then all I would be missing is Ysera and Bloodmage Thalanos (which is the easiest to replace)

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you dont need baron at all but you 100% need Grom. also based on the cards you have already you can make a good control deck.

your main legendary are always Grom and Alex
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You can make a nice deck with placeholders, like Boulderfist Ogres, in place of guys like Grom. But Cairne, Rag, and even Black Knight would fit right in. Maybe even Leeroy could count as a finisher of sorts. Alex them to 15, next turn if Alex lives you can Task Master Leeroy for 16 damage. Silly, but fits the theme of the deck.

Baron isn't 100% necessary, but I, too, have a discount Warrior deck (only Alexstrasza and Ysera). The backbone of the Control Warrior is Alex+Gromm, as they are a solid win condition. I'll be honest, I'd be winning a LOT more games if I had Gromm in my deck! Though, as I mentioned, Leeroy can fill that void for now, and other big guys like Rag can also do some work.

Edit: I don't want to tell you you MUST craft Gromm, as he's only a class Legendary. If Warrior falls on its face in the meta swing, you'll be sitting on a card you can ONLY use in Warrior decks, unlike neutral legendaries. But you have a LOT of dust. So it could be worth it if you don't see any "must have" legendaries
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baron comes in really handy versus zoo and other rush decks though... When you win those games... a lot of times it is because of Baron Geddon and you never even get to your bigger cards. That being said... it seems like Warrior Control may be on the downswing lately.
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I've been using Baron to wipe the boards of hunters, locks, and the extremely rare pally or shaman. Against other control decks, I just randomly throw him out there on an empty board so they use their hard removal on him instead of my others legendaries.

Rag is perhaps the most frustrating legendary right now. He can get ridiculous value but there are time where if he misses the right target, you'll fall way behind and eventually lose. Unfortunately, he's too good not to have in the deck. He wins me a lot of games against hunters because he bypasses their secrets where I would otherwise just sit there waiting for the hunter to do something.

Deathwing spends a lot of time being a dead card in your hand, Often times against other control decks, he is the very last card I will play. In games that come down to fatigue wars, DW will give you the win. I've used him successfully in all match-ups multiple times.

I rarely get the wombo combo 12 attack Grom for the kill anymore. I just use him to kill pesky mid range cards like Azure Drake and force my opponent to deal with him.

I don't know about Thalnos. I don't run him and I never see any other control warriors running him. I just think he's too slow against zoo, too easily killed by hunters, and ends up being a Novice Engineer against other control.
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Actually there are much more important legendaries then Grom. Grom is like the last legendary you should craft in my opinion. Alex is also not important. Cairn, Rag, Ysera, Sylvana, Baron are the most needed legendaries in such deck. Well played Sylvana will win you most games versus other control decks while Ysera is a major pain in the !@# if your opponent cant kill her outright. While Barons is golden vs all kinds of rush decks if you survive till you can use him.
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I haven't found Sylvanas to be as useful as I had hoped in my warrior control. I'm up to rank 10 now, constantly making small tweaks to adjust to what I'm seeing.

Grommash, Cairne, Alextrasza and Ragnaros are the most important legends in my deck. Alex, Grom, and Rag for the finishing power. And Cairne for board control, since he is essentially a 2 in 1 chillwind yeti.

Behind that Baron has been useful for clearing the board but 9 times outta 10 he's dead the turn after he's played so I can't consider him a game changer. An abomination would be a simple swap for him.

Black Knight, Harrison Jones, and Sylvanas are all situational depending on what you're facing. Each has their own benefits to having, however they aren't always effective. Black Knight is nice but you may not be seeing a lot of taunt decks, making his value drop significantly. Sylvanas can be nice but she's also easy to counter against another control deck, they simply use spells or silence to negate her and keep their board clear. Harrison Jones is also situational, the deck you're facing might not have weapons, and even if they do, it's not guaranteed that you'll draw Harrison at the same time they equip a weapon .. rather I find that more often that not it's the case where he's simply not around when you need him to be, making him a rather expensive 5 mana card to play.

Ysera is another option which I enjoy running in my decks, but that's more personal preference towards Ysera as there are probably more effective cards to run.. however in drawn out games where Grom, Rag, and Alex were rendered useless, and you don't have the lethal power, Ysera gives you a few extra cards to work with that can be the deciding factor. (e.g. Grom + Taskmaster + nightmare, making him a charge with 17 attack)

All in all a lot of it is situational, but the four legends I believe are an absolute MUST for a warrior control deck are, as previously stated, Cairne, Ragnaros, Alexstrasza, and Grommash.
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