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Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to constructed and I came up with this deck I am using right now. I've reach rank 11 (which isn't hard - I know) and I'm looking for small adjustments to the deck (I don't like to change how it plays out since I like the end game idea that I currently have.

On that same note - I do have all the rares/epics (did a lot of arena until now) but I am missing some key legendary:

The legendary cards that I do have but are not in the deck at the moment are:

Leeroy Jenkins
Old Murk-eye
Gelbin Mekkatorque

Now for my actual deck:

paladin class cards:
Equality X 2
Argent Protector
Aldor Peacekeeper X 2
Truesilver Champion X 2
Consecration X 2
Avenging Wrath X 2
Guardian of Kings X 2
Lay on Hands

natural cards:
Ancient Watcher X 2
Bloodmage Thalnos
Sunfury Protector X 2
Wild Pyromancer X 2
Big Game Hunter
Harvest Golem X 2
Defender of Argus X 2
Cairne Bloodhoof
Ragnaros the Firelord
Mountain Giant

That is my deck - If you have any suggestions on how to improve it (and a reasoning behind the changes so I will actually learn more about the deck building) that would be great.

* assume I have all rares/epics but ONLY the legendary I wrote at the top of the topic.
* I know I'm missing Tirion :/

Thanks in advance!
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Personally I don't run avenging wrath, by the time I get to use it they have too much health on minions for it to be effective. Mountain hiant seems weird here also becauese paladins don't have consistent card draw. I would add 1/2 argent commanders because charge and divine shield can be quite effective at dealing with problems right away and leaving a minion still on your board. I would take out the two ancient watchers and add two earthen ring far seers for extra health agaisnt rush. I would also add a silence or two and remove a sunfury/ defender of argus since the watchers are out aince I assume that's what they are mostly there for.
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Looks pretty decent!

I love Avenging Wrath personally, and not such an Argent Commander fan. AW can clear the board against aggro even late game, while AC would be wasted hitting his head against little guys. Each to their own anyway!

Ysera will do as a late game bomb until you get Tirion.

I like a Faceless Manipulator. I've used it a lot of times to copy my Rag if there is nothing decent the opponent has and that is just devastating!

Yeah dump the Mountain Giant and consider Molten Giants. With your healing abilities you can allow your health to dip a bit, drop these guys, hopefully give them taunt, then bump your health back up a bit. Maybe drop your single Argent Protector for the 2nd Molten Giant.

Personally I'd change out the Ancient Watchers for a couple of Holy Lights. Maybe give it a try anyway and see how you like it.
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Avenging wrath is a great card, if they have to much health, equality and then wrath 'em. Chances are all their minions will die unless the board is totally flooded. Obviously you should try to get Tirion as soon as you can, he's a great card. I'm not so sure about the giants, they wouldn't work in my deck but ours are constructed differently. The only taunts I run in my deck are x2 Defender of Argus and Tirion. Aside from that I focus on early game pressure, followed up by my big guns and board clears.

As for you deck I'd say do what you can to get Tirion.
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I also run Sen'jin Shieldmastas instead of Sunfury Protector. I find having both SP and DoA too often leaves you without decent targets, whereas Sen'jin is always a welcome draw.
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