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Hi everyone, I wanted to try out kolento's hunter, I went to EU and of course I had nothing on that account, at the first card pack I got garromash and I'm thinking of trying some sort of control warrior or a warrior that has that legendary in it... Is it possible to make some kind of cheap warrior deck (with the legendary) and that is decently good? Or should I just sell it and go ahead and make kolento's hunter? Thanks a lot

EDIT: I just got Onyxia with the second pack O.o if anyone could advise me how to use either or both of these legendaries on either warrior or another deck I'd be really grateful... Yeah, I just got incredibly lucky, I wish something like this happened in an account I actually cared and not some random account I'd use to try out a deck :)
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A good warrior control deck is expensive and Onyxia is hardly good in any deck. If you want bang for your bucks, I would DE both and go straight for that hunter deck of yours.
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So basically these 2 legendary are pretty pointless unless I can get some more like alex and rag? Yeah that's pretty much what I thought about onyxia
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Since its not your main account DEing them is fine but i would be careful with Deing legendaries if i were you. My first leg was Grom and i De'd him, had to give up most of my gold cards to craft him after i realised my mistake and collected some more legndaries. Nax is also just around the corner so the meta is going to change soon, 'bad' cards and 'non-viable strategies' might suddenly become the new meta
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I see... You're right, I believe I should keep it as you said, I wasn't thinking about Nax and I did the same mistake as you, my first leg was Tirion and I thought I was never going to use it but then I realized the mistake shah
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Unrelated, but you wanna be careful about crafting legendaries, too. I put a lot of cards into crafting a Grommash card, and then pulled him two packs later. At least getting a second legendary means you get compensate yourself for half the dust you spent.

I just crafted Alexstrasza. Watch my second pack contain exactly that.
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Just keep on opening packs, seems like you would have everything in a few days.
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04/24/2014 09:44 AMPosted by Timeey

oh god. Hybrid Garrosh and Grommash? World's deadliest warrior and tactician with absolutely no moral compass to speak of or any strategic skill whatsoever. He'd rampage over every-damn-thing and then lose when he was the only one left in the army and he was fighting with half a broken rock.

Sounds about right.
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