A bit of deck help please

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(0) Inner rage x2
(1) Execute x2
(1) whirlwind x2
(2) fiery war axe x2
(2) battle rage
(2) rampage
(2) slam
(2) amani berserker x2
(2) armour smith x2
(3) shield block x2
(3) frothing berserker
(3) questing adventurer
(4) mortal strike
(4) arathi weaponsmith
(4) dread corisair
(4) kor'kron elite x2
(4)Sen'jin Shieldmaster x2
(5) arcanite reaper
(5) brawl
(6) Boulderfist ogre
(8) Grommash hellscream

I got lucky with grom and a mortal strike in one deck, so I decided to make a warrior deck. I've been using this for a while now but its lacking something. I went for a mix between an agro and control deck, sort of a nice middle ground between the two. just wondering if there is anything I could do to improve it, cheers

Ps. please don't suggest any legendaries to put in there, I don't play enough to get my hands on any :-)
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shield slam is definitely on your list.

no reason for questing adventurer, it doesnt seem like it'd fit well. replace it with a second arcanite or if you have the dust another frothing.

armoursmith doesnt really serve a purpose since you dont have shieldslam. id replace them with 2 loot hoarders or 2 faerie drag.

ofc this is all based on a low budget. if you had the funds, id say things like "get shield slams, gorehowl, BGH, faceless".
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I dont mind you listing some epic's :P its the the legandaries I'm not going to be saving for :-/ but thanks and I'll be sure to make some changes
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Well if you’re okay with crafting Epics I’d say this

Shield Slam > Gorehowl > Brawl.

Most people will tell you one Gorehowl one Brawl. I run two but I break a lof of the prototypical warrior rules. It's really your call I like draw consistency so I tend to run play sets.

I don’t like Arathi Weaponsmith. While they are good economy and good value they can be a tempo killer. I often found myself unable to field them because I didn’t want to sacrifice my Fiery War Axe. If you’re not going to buy into the Legendaries then you need to get a lot of production out of your Axes. In which case you should look into Upgrade.

Play test it but I would be willing to be you have trouble closing out games. If that's the case add a second Boulderfist Ogre. Molten Giants were used heavily with Warriors back in beta. The idea was to be hyper agressive early abandoning defense almost completely. It will cause your life total to drop low and you can double field the Molten Giants with a Sunfury Protector. The following turn you can double shield block to bring yourself back up to 25.

Strongly consider a pair of Harvest Golems. They are nothing flashy but they are a pain to get rid of. They’re like mosquitoes if you don’t deal with them you'll regret it.

Lastly add a pair of cleaves and a second slam. Slam into execute is a great combination.
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Dont know whats the norm for giving advice; I only played little and arrived at rank 15 yesterday. So em, having said that, my opinion is that there is no middleground between aggro and control.
The best you can do to complement a rushing deck with 1 or 2 crushing cards (grommash is great for that) and push one more MAJOR threat when the opponent is succeeding in keeping the board clear and building up defenses.

With that I mean you should not focus on building some defense (the shieldmastas) to drop the Grommash or Ogre at some point. It would be better to keep pumping dmg with offensive minions and force opponent to clear the board, then drop grommash.

So I would definitely drop the ogre and shieldmastas. Also brawl has to go, you should be the one that dominates in amount of minions. I would save up for a faceless manipulator to also help the end game. And generally have more minions; inner rage would go and be replaced with the minion that gives the same effect on battlecry.

Well, seems im just typing what my plan for a deck is errrr....

Far too long story short: replacing the ogre with a faceless manipulator would increase the potential of your deck by a lot imo.
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okay , cheers guys :P
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