Need a rogue heeling card.

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Kind of sad that the one hero that has to the most amount of work does not have a rogue heeling card. Its kind of sad. I feel like no mater how hard I smack everything I lose half my health on turn 4........ One just one heeling card would be nice!
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Let's start with giving shamans a heal. After all they can actually heal in WoW. I know recuperate would make sense though.
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why would shaman get a heal? they get the great taunts >_>
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Rogue definitely need some cards with the themes of evasion, recuperate, etc, for heal and damage mitigation.
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04/25/2014 11:34 AMPosted by Bless
Rogue definitely need some cards with the themes of evasion, recuperate, etc, for heal and damage mitigation.

Something like "Evasion: Your hero is immune to damage while attacking the next two rounds." ?

It sounds like that hunter weapon.....
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yeah, all this board removal is very expensive for one's health..
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Heeling sounds more like an ability hunters would have... :-)

More seriously, a neutral minion that could take over control of a canine on the board would be very useful against all those Unleash the Hounds, Dire Wolf Alphas and Scavenging Hyenas (it would work like a combination of the shadow priestess and the antimurloc crab).
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@Gothichand, Sounds like a hunter weapon? I keep hearing this like other themes aren't recycled as well. I would rather us be unique as possible as well but hell if it means I can actually win on a consistent basis so be it. Not sure that would be the answer anyway.
@Coriolis, by the time they play a wolf with the UTH it usually means you are dead or the card at that point is something they know will be sacrificed. I don't see that being any help.
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I feel Earthen Ring whatever or Priestess of Elune works very well in tandem with shadowstep. Just double or triple tap some neutral mobs until they put out some rogue-specific heelz
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Rogue healing would be nice but it'd make the class a little overpowered I think. They already do great damage, just kill you opposition before they kill you. Earthen Ring Farseer is a common card in many Rogue decks for this reason though, the extra heal can save your life.

Also, I agree that the Shaman should have one healing card. I feel like it's a class that would have heals to begin with, and I'm always thinking "the heal is coming soon" only to remember a few moments later that they don't have any to begin with.
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