Finding it hard to actually win as priest..

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Seriously, how are you meant to rank up? Decks? Ideas? Games take awhile (i dont mind) but where you hardly win...
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What class do you lose most often to?

Any card/move in specific?

Is it the early game or late game you struggle with?
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05/02/2014 03:17 PMPosted by Darkrage
What class do you lose most often to?

Any card/move in specific?

Is it the early game or late game you struggle with?

Just if i dont get something good in my first hand im screwed. I mulligan 5+ mana !@#$ and get ysera, ragnaros and cairne lol. I dont loose to anything in particular, depending on my draw. Im using the top rated hearthpwn build atm, and early game i get %^-*ed over..
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top rated priest deck doesnt really mean anything. Priest is heavily combo based and requires a lot of thought to get anywhere with (Only noobs lose to divine spirit/inner fire combo).

Id suggest dropping ysera, i fount it useless most of the time when i played it. Only good if your already winning the game and at that point you could drop anything.
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A premade deck for priest is pretty useless as you do not understand the reason for each card.

Example: Circle of healing, endgame aoe or card draw?

Also about that deck. It seems to be stalling focused (and to much luck based) and extremely weak against hunters where you want to go 2 minions top until your opponent used up all his hounds and weak against mages (sheep, fireball, frostbolt, aoe).

Where are the turn 1 drops? Cleric aint that great there.

2 watchers, 2 sunfury, 1 defender but no silence so a tank that can never attack (and easy to counter with the right cards)

First 2 turns are indeed dead unless you go second.

First (lucky draw): turn 2 watcher, turn 3 protector. turn 4 injured blade master and after that stalling and drawing until you draw and play your legendary's.

Second (lucky draw): turn 1 coin + watcher, turn 2 protector, turn 3 injured blade master and after that stalling and drawing until you draw your legendary's.


Early taunt isn't that important for priests (In my opinion) because we got plenty of aoe against weaker enemy's with shadow madness and holy nova and a board wipe with soulpriest and healing circle.

Also can we get better trades than most due to our heals and buffs (PW:shield best card a priest can have)

Mid and late game taunt can be made with the defender.
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^ Has it right. It's about synergy and getting slightly lucky with draws.
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Alright, what deck should i use?
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You are actually owning Ragnaros, Ysera and Cairne? No pity from me, then. Most of us have to make do with much less.
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I played this build around rank 6-8 last season with alot of success and I crush alot of mainstream decks with it. It requires tons of smart plays and will punish you hard for misplaying.

Just crushed a fully decked out handlock player before I typed this lol.

2x Circle of Healing
2x Holy smight
2x Power Word: Shield
2x Northshire Cleric
2x Shadow Word: Pain
2x Wild Pyromancer
2x Shadow Word: Death
2x Earthen Ring Farseer
2x Injured Blademaster
2x Auchenal Soulpriest
2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2x Holy Nova
2x Azure Drake
1x Sylvanas
1x Rag
1x Ysera
1x Mind Control

You can replace sylv with cairne easily. The deck has some insane combos in it with pyromancer + spell + cleric + circle of healing. I have drawn 5+ cards off one circle of healing combo and it was glorious.
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