STOP with the miracle rogue complaints

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Like 7 out of the top 10 players use miracle rogue

If that doesn't say something I don't know what will

EVERY deck has weaknesses. Miracle has extremely small ones.
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it's really not that hard when you know they are coming seriously. I assumed this person was miracle from the start, I wasn't wrong. I kept up medium taunts the whole time, did some damage, did a wind biter+wind fury surprise finish. I am sure he was shocked he wasn't the only one capable of 20+ damage a turn. (I gave up one rock biter the turn earlier cus I'm dumb.)

I think all the decks can do something to do huge amounts of damage. its there, just play around your opponent, you can derp them up
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nerf won't improve ur skill , so much complain if u playing with miracle rouge ,and u just learn all about complain u are really bad player ... i am Tempo Rouge with Golden ,before that i learn from hunter how to control well the tempo and counter back , i learn from warlock how to count and hit the right damage , u are control the game always if u know what kind of ur opponent doing.. u can only trust ur skill not ur luck , today u nerf miracle rouge, tomorrow will come anothers new combo just like hunter , there are many way to play to beat down ur opponent,,, the game are keep changing but u ?

time to learn how to beat miracle rouge . i have lose many game to druid but guess what ?
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Nonetheless, this miracle build is broken. It is more or less like Worrior builds with molten giants + brewmaster / Alextraza + charge before blizzard nerfed them. You know that you will be dead somewhere around turn 7-8-9 and you will be dead within one turn and there is not so much you can do about it. You can prolong it by putting taunts on the board but they all get cleaned through deadly poison/ blade fury/ s7/ sap/ backstabe or spell damage + eviscerate cards. The most valuable option is to try to kill your opponent before this Gadzetan fiasco starts. So that's why in current meta we end-up with so many zoo locks and miracle rouges.
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I don't play miracle rogue(I lack 2 preparations and Edwin) but from my experience it is
insanely strong but not unstoppable. Rush hunter can outrace it(mine did, but it was before
UtH nerf) and control warrior stops it completely. I am not sure about paladin but I believe
that it might be able to beat miracle rogue(healing yourself to stay out of lethal range?) :P

And I am not sure how well this deck does vs zoolocks but I think that they should be able to
stop it...right?

All in all, the deck is strong and the combo does not require much skill, but it is not unbeatable
and it is easier to beat than zoolock which is the cancer of this game. Hell, I play control warrior
and I haven't lost once vs a miracle rogue.
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I just crafted the preps and auctioneers I needed to run miracle. My first impressions are that it is a very good build but extremely fragile. When you get the right draws you are golden but if you get auctioneer but no preps then you will have a hard time stringing your card draws together. Other games you will draw your auctioneers late. So while it looks flawless from the opponents' side there is some serious decision making on going behind the scenes. That being said I had my most fun win in hearthstone last night. I got the mage down to 1 health after shadow stepping leeroy once. They thought they won when they dropped a taunt. I daggers up and ran blade flurry for the win gg!
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