I want to hate being a priest

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But I can't. For all the troubles you give me while playing against hunters and zoolocks I still love you.

There's nothing more satisfying than MCing your opponents trump card that he was saving to win him the game then watching his card tear him a second butthole. It makes all the crap you have to deal with as a priest worth it.
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Priest with lucky draws can destroy any kind of deck though.

For example, when I played against this zoolock, I topdecked all the right answers and won with 29 HP.
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I enjoy people cursing out all our steals. You know, all those legendary cards that are "situational" and "not that great", but somehow end up winning the priest the game anway and cause the injured player to come storming into the board and demand a priest nerf.

It might not be effective, but it's fun.
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If only we had a (optional) chat, then it would be even more satisfying :(

I prefer mindgaming there legendary on turn 4 over MC.
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i know.

it is hard to tell if the feeling of satisfaction from getting all the right cards is actually a feeling of cathartic victory or if it is merely the assauged wound of constant bitter defeat.
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You can hate being a priest. I do. And I love it as well. Its satisfying being one of the weakest classes in the game and beating our stronger opponents. It can be really fun to play as, at least to me. You learn to be creative with your cards and how you play and it mixes things up (which HS really needs at this moment). I love the chance of getting a legendary from an opponent. On the other hand, I hate the fact that I have to rely on combos to deal with rush. I hate the fact that my class is the only one that has a 4tk limit in their removal. I hate that all our good cards are situational, and that a good 5-7 of them are either out right useless or debatable in whether or not you would run them (and yet those latter ones get called OP). I hate that I love/hate this class and that I refuse to give up on it.
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You can't. Trolling people is too much fun. =)
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