Nerf Auctioneer :P

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05/10/2014 04:02 AMPosted by Osydius
He won on round 9 despite me putting down 3 (4/6) walls, with a 10 cards advantage...

Terribly lucky for the Rogue, as over time, you will win as many of these as you lose. There are several good reasons that Kolento retired Miracle last season and just played hunter. As you adapt your deck and playstyle to account for a greater Rogue population, everything will be rebalanced once again. It's not like Miracle is some kind of new special snowflake...
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It's pretty ridiculous atm, basically if he gets Gadgetzan & Conceal you have lost even from max health. It always seems every player I face has Gadgetzan in hand by turn 5/6 as well, even when I'm silencing his card draw minions.

There is absolutely nothing you can do as a Druid and other classes don't have much hope. Hunter can beat it with Flare and Handlock if the Rogue leaves a 4 attack minion and he has Shadowflame also. Priest can use Mass Dispell but honestly I've never seen anything use that card in ranked.

The problem isn't necessarily Gadgetzan though, I think without Leeroy a lot of these crazy burst decks would not be half as bad as they are now.

Blizzard said they wanted the game to be about interaction and fighting between minions, well with this deck there is pretty much none of that so it's weird they haven't said anything about it yet. The same of course applies to Mage Freeze - although that isn't as potent as Rogue and relies on surviving much longer to win.
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05/10/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Raptarius
There is absolutely nothing you can do as a Druid

Except that any experienced Rogue will tell you otherwise.

Blizzard said they wanted the game to be about interaction...

Miracle does nothing to stop you from playing your game. Unlike Freeze Mage as well as UTH, you are never punished for making perfectly natural plays or exercising board control. The idea of using taunts and baiting removal is one key to beating Miracle. Getting lethal in a timely fashion is a practical necessity. One thing everyone is having a hard time adjusting to is that so much of the Meta has been geared towards dealing with Zoo and Hunter, everyone seems to have forgotten how to deal with Rogue. There is nothing new about Miracle Rogue. The deck has been viable since Beta, but it actually has a skill threshold that makes its practical execution difficult. Watch pros play the deck, as well as against it before questioning its OP nature.
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Osydius, you notice how you say he had 2 prep's, an eviscerate, and a backstab? Why did he still have these cards in his hand? By turn 5, either he should have blown at least the eviscerate and the backstab on some minion you played earlier, or he had just top decked them and had gotten really lucky. When I play against miracle rogue, I try to develop my board so much that he literally CAN'T play auctioneer for fear of taking too much damage. In the meantime, he uses his agents and backstabs and eviscerates to remove all my minions. Sad to say, some decks counter each other, as there is no perfect deck, and I know that druid isn't the best class to follow that strategy, so perhaps playing druid at the time isn't the best idea. Sometimes the rogue will get a lucky break, with an amazing turn 5 play, but think of that like you getting innervate, coin, watcher, keeper, (aka the turn 2 yeti+2/4 minion).
I think the truly OP thing is their stupid leeroy combo, which can take you down from 26(or higher depending on if there's a weapon/prep involved) to 0, with no cards on the field, and they can use prep -> sap to remove any taunts...
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Oh man, what decks are you playing that you have trouble against miracle rogue?? I am really curious.
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I think 6 for a 5/5 is a fair change.
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lets just restrict auctioneer card draw by 20 cards, that should solve this
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