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Got my 1600 dust and was originally planning on getting sylvanas for my druid. However I've been liking my rogue deck and have considered millhouse manastorm.

Thoughts? Experiences good or bad?

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Play Millhouse.
Opponent plays Sprint + Sap + Defias next turn.
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He doesn't do enough enough to justify the drawback. Most of the time, he's sort of nice... but I wouldn't risk throwing away the game just to play a minion undercosted by 1-1.5 mana.

The main reason to play him is for fun, because you like the chance of ridiculous plays against you.
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He's gd awful. Maybe don't dust him if you open him in a pack, but there must be something you would rather pay 1600 dust into.
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you are better off playing turn 2, 4/4 vancleef with coin, than coin mill house
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05/14/2014 12:47 PMPosted by Python
you are better off playing turn 2, 4/4 vancleef with coin, than coin mill house

Depending on the match a turn two Van Vleef is a strong play at 4/4
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I only have Millhouse as a legendary, so I've put it in my deck... he's very situational, but if you manage to pull him in starting hand, he's very helpful in turn 1 or 2. He's also useful if the opponent is topdecking.

Had people ragequit on me because I pulled Millhouse out in the beginning. They also don't like if there's a Master Swordsmith next to it.

I also had a Warrior laughing at my Manahouse, and dealt 10 damage to me on second turn. He was topdecking for the rest of the game though, and didn't laugh after that.

He is very situational, but very fun(ny).
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Then there was the time I killed a Piloted shredder which spawns a Millhouse. next turn opponent plays a Duplicate, at which point I kill the millhouse to trigger the secret. He plays millhouse not realizing that I have Archmage Antonidas and a spell in hand. Infinite 0 cost fireballs :S
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go watch trolldens latest video think its the second or 3rd clip

guys winning a tornament, no way his opponant can come back, plays millhouse manastorm then proceeds to lose the game!

I had him from opening packs and every time (except once) he backfired, finally dusted him was never going to use him he was sitting there doing nothing not even looking good, I read he can work if played in combination with lore walker cho but I don't have him either.
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Just don't.
VanCleef is an infinite better call.
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Priest and mech mage get wrecked by turn 2 coin vancleef.
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Honestly, I feel like millhouse is potentially a lot better than people give him credit. I think most people haven't tried him out, or played him in the right context.

I ran him in a pally aggro deck right when naxx came out and won nearly every time I got him out at the earliest point he can be. At that point, the chances of your opponent actually having the spells on hand to tear you apart are unbelievably low. The chances that those spells will also have synergy with each other and NOT cause a drastic card disadvantage are also insanely low.

Spells have a variety of uses, but their primary use is removal. You play a minion that opens a potential floodgate of removal... worst case scenario your board is cleared and you lose some health. That's not game ending on turn 2 (it can be... but not always). The best case scenario is, you have a huge tempo gain on turn 2 that for an aggro deck will snowball.

If anyone in here plays oil rogue (or even played miracle rogue), consider this: what if millhouse is played on turn 2? Okay... so your backstabs didn't change if you were lucky enough to get them, you can save 1 mana to use deadly poison, which still doesn't kill millhouse, you save 2 mana if you're lucky enough to have both deadly poisons, which would be highly inefficient and rob you of deadly poison the rest of the game. Eviscerates are now free, except you only need one, using two is just silly.

Mages are a bit scarier as control mages will typically stock pile removals and secrets. Worst case scenario, mage uses fireball for free. As far as the balance between resources and tempo, playing millhouse and losing him to a fireball roughly balances. But what are the chances the control mage actually has a fireball, let alone a fireball and say, pyroblast, on turn 2?

I probably wouldn't play him against a control priest, but even control priests have limitations on turn 2.

The truth is, Millhouse is never played around, never anticipated, and has always proven to be amazing for me when used early. Sylvanas is wonderful for control, millhouse is godly for aggro.

EDIT: That being said... reading the rest of the comments, van cleef is probably better (though I don't think you need to worry much about a rogue using a super powered van cleef from millhouse in the early game). Also I'm not saying millhouse is the best epic ever in existence, as he's fairly poor when compared to other options. I'm just saying, he definitely, in my opinion, is highly under rated.
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Ah man, I want to unbox a Millhouse one day just so I can experience the pain of turn 1 double-pyroblast-to-face.

But in all seriousness, Millhouse is not really all that viable. The usual worst case scenario is that he draws removal out that kills him instantly, and tempo goes to your opponent. Depending on your opponent, it might not even be possible to remove him even with free spells - a priest can't use Death or Pain unless they've got a shrinkmeister, Execute doesn't work (and would be a waste of execute), AoE spells don't hit hard enough to kill him (except Flamestrike or - god help little Millhouse - Twisting Nether). However, it's often not worth it because if your opponent -is- willing to throw a fireball, you lose your turn 2 play and your opponent takes board control.

HOWEVER, there are ways to play him, even late-game. Using him before Loatheb causes your opponent's spells to all cost exactly 5. It ends up being 7 mana, two cards, you put a 5/5 and 4/4 on the field, and your opponent gets a small discount on anything bigger than an Assassinate. Against a Shaman, they will still be overloaded if they overcommit with Feral Spirit or something (Feral Spirit which Millhouse knocks out handily).

Not worth crafting, but worth trying out if you unbox him.
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I played him a lot pre Nex with priest. If we dont count pure tempo win from 1-1 him with things like fireball. We have (on turn two Millhouse):

Priest: Mind control
Warrior: Armor up into sheild slam
Mage: Free face pyro isnt to dangerous but free arcane intellect and traps is
Paladin: Lay hands (muster wasnt printed back then)
Rogue: Sprint (was rare back then pre actioneer nerf)
Warlock: was risk free today they have Imp explosion
Hunter: Animal companion
Druid: Risk free noone plays starfire
Shaman: Risk free almost thanks to overload, but feral spirit can put you a bit behind

I think i have played into all of this ^^
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Problem of Millhouse is when it don't come early game and you stick with him at your hand at turn 5+

Druids, Rogues, Mages (if not mech mage), priests and shamans can send you to hell easily because of late game millhouse, so.. thats the biggest risk you'll have.

Early tempo lost its not a big think against Rogues. We are the biggest tempo swingers in the game.
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