Guide to Malygos rogues?

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anybody can teach me how do i need to play these spell power decks? Problem is how to drag the game into the turn 9-10 when you can play malygos.
I don't really see a way to win before malygos with this deck.

if you are curious about the deck it is described in this value town vid
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Having seen a bit of it and working on playing it, you can win before Malgyos. I wore a Zoolock down and dropped an 8/8 Van Cleef while I had a Sinister Strike in hand. They had 11 health, Life Tapped to 9 and conceded when they realized I could just get my knife and swing for game.
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I don't get that deck list... no Conceal to keep Malygos alive on Turn 9/10? Anyway, in my experience, Malygos is a big surprise at the end of the game. It looks like a Tempo rogue with a bad draw until turn 9/10 when suddenly, there's this (stealthed) blue dragon on the board and they can't kill you or the dragon before they eat 20 damage in spells. The Gadgetzans are almost a disadvantage... they don't provide the card draw that a conventional miracle rogue gets and it gives away the fact that your deck isn't a standard tempo deck.
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I don't have the time to write a full guide and I'm probably not really good enough to do it justice but I'll give some tips. Firstly, don't play exactly like miracle rogue. Still hold your daggers incase you draw deadly poison (which shouldn't be saved for assassins blade if it's needed earlier) but focus more on using the minions the deck runs to control the board and chip bits of damage away.
It's not an OTK deck in the same way as miracle rogue, it's built to be flexible. I've won as many games just by knocking the opponent down as I have making 20 damage on turn 10 by using Malygos and sinister strike then preparation into another spell.
As for conceal, it's usually just as valuable on gadgetzan or VanCleef, you can do so much damage the turn you drop Malygos, it's non-obligatory. I'd say the bottom line of the deck is to think on your feet and decide how you're going to play the game as it presents itself, rather than just fishing for the combo as you so often have to do with miracle rogue, where there are less minions and no healing.
It's a great deck but is tricky to play effectively. Try to check Twitch streams to see how people play it, lots of streamers (like nearly all of them) are running it on and off at the moment.
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can you give some link to those streams? i am really curious about their mindset
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