Just give up.

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Been playing Paladin since the early Beta. I have always loved the lore and was naturally drawn to the deck, so much so I went out of my way to get every paladin card before working on other decks. This last couple of weeks started branching out and playing other decks more and in the ladder. Hunter deck are stupid cheap and easy to play. Mage decks are slightly more thought provoking but also cheap and easy. Druids are the control masters. Shaman are about as hard to play as paladin but cost less to make a decent deck. Still haven't put together a warrior or rogue yet but soon.

Just seems Paladin is the jack of all trades master of none to the point where the aren't viable anymore.

Ranty I know, but if you cant beat em, join em....
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Can't agree more, only thing that is viable is Huntard and lock, if you don't play these decks you wiill have a hard time.

Sad but lets hope the new cards will change that.
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While I only play Ranked randomly, I actually started doing just as good on my Paladin deck as I do on my Hunter.

I don't have a screenshot of my deck but the premise is I have some main cards which are:

Knife Jugglar x2
Defender of Argus x2
Aldor Peacekeeper x1
Big Game Hunter x1
Argent Protector x1
Harvest Golem x2
Consecration x2
Imp Master x2
Murloc Raider x2
Illidan Stormrage x1
Flesheating Ghoul x1

There are others as well but the whole gist of this deck is to load up quickly on the board and remove anything they have if possible.

In Casual Play there are times I win the game having never gotten below 20 health. I don't win them all as some Legendary heavy decks are just impossible to beat but so far I would say my win rate is around 85-90%
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Check out my thread and give my deck a try. Gotten up to rank 7 with a midgame/ control Pally, works well for me. Rag and Tirion are the only legends in the deck. Just replace them with whatever you feel, Sunwalker, Giant, Guardian of Kings, etc.
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