hows my deck, i want paladin to be good

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ive gotten to rank 10, and the reason theres no 5 drop is because its supposed to be a 4 drop (yeti or senjin) with a shield

and no consecration because pyro and equality do a better job
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Consecration and Truesilver champion are a must. You shouldn't always rely on pyro equality combo.
The 5-drops are a bit tricky for paladins. It is not required, but do realize you will be a using a 4-drop on your 5th turn so essentially wasting 1 mana.
Good 5 drop options are: Faceless, Kodo, Abomniation

edit: I noticed you have a divine shield as a 1 mana card for turn 5. I am not a huge fan of playing a divine shield on a minion which cannot immediatly attack as it can be destroyed for a 2 for 1 against your favour. I do not use divine shields myself, but if you do, I believe the argent protector has way more value.
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04/28/2014 05:50 AMPosted by Laptopman
Consecration and Truesilver champion are a must

Agreed. Pyromancer/Equality is your answer for big minions. But you need consecration and truesilver for crowd control against aggressive decks.
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No Aldor Peacekeeper either. That guy is awesome, your definitely want to make room for him. You can afford to drop all your 1-drops to make room for him, Truesilver, and Consecration to be honest, as the Paladin 1s just aren't very good at all. I'd recommend getting Guardian of Kings in there too, probably instead of the Yetis.
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A few things to consider;

Truesilver Champion and Consecration, both are mandatory in any Paladin deck that isn't aggro, and even in aggro decks Truesilver is a must.

As for 5-drops, the Stampeding Kodo is a great one. Synergizes well with the Aldor Peacekeeper.. they play a Giant on turn 8, you Peacekeeper it and play the Kodo, and it dies just like that.

Finally, not mandatory, however it is a fantastic spell-- Avenging Wrath. Great spell, love it. Unique, useful, and fun.

TLDR: Truesilver Champion, Consecration are things you MUST add. Kodo, Peacekeeper, Avenging Wrath are all great ideas, but not necessarily mandatory (I would say add at least ONE Peacekeeper).
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Holy s$%t, this thread was just awesome.. BEST responses ever, concise and accurate.

Well done.
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