Rogue ?

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Serious. Rogue is my worst matchup. Im level 60 priest (so have play it a lot) and ended rank 6 April season with:

circle of healing x 2
Power shield x2
Northshire cleric x 1
Ancient wathcer x2
Crazy alchemist x1
Sunfury protector x2
Shadow word:death x2
Thoughtsteal x2
Injury blademaster x2
Auchenai Soulpriest x2
Defender of Argus x1
Spellbreaker x1
Holy Nova x2
Gadgetzan actioneer x1
Holy fire x2
Cabal shadow priest x2
Carine Bloodhoof x1
Ysera x1
Mind control x1

Carine went out a lot for a second spellbreaker, also played a second cleric instead of crazy alch.
Pretty much tailoed againt hunter and zoo. Anyone else having problem against Rogue ? I have know clue what to do except kill actionner as soon I see him.
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We have a 36% win rate against rogues for a reason.

I don't know about the other heroes but they're absolutely ridiculous for priests.
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Theres not much you can do about it. You're not supposed to win the matchup.
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I win more often than I lose against rogues.

Have you considered replacing a circle of healing and another card for Shadow Madness?

Same target minions (3 attack) and so long you send at least 1 of them to there death it becomes a card for a card + damage to another.

Its great to prevent rogues/warlocks/hunters from gaining field control due to there lower health minions.
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Have you considered replacing a circle of healing and another card for Shadow Madness?

I can´t remove a circle of healing from that deck list. If I don't get to activate a Ancient watcher, then a circle of healing on blademaster + sunfury or the combo with soulpriest is the only outs against Zoo. Holy nova always hit at least one turn to late.
Shadow madness could work great against tempo rogue but it would actually weaken my deck against miracle Rogue. One of the few outs I against miracle is to "flamestike" his stealth actioneer.
If anything Shadow madness should replace a Cabal shadow priest, but I find cabal to be better card in current meta.
I think its Carine bloodhof and crazy alch that has to gone. They are useless against Rogue. I will try our silence (it can recycle itself when I drop actioneer if it´s at no use) and a spellbreaker instead and dig hard for Ancient watcher. The dream is to silence his Actioneer/Edwin/Questing adventure, but they are always in stealth mode ..
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The mass silence card could help against miracle, but otherwise Im not a big fan of that card.
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05/03/2014 03:37 AMPosted by Sydonis
The mass silence card could help against miracle, but otherwise Im not a big fan of that card.

yeh its a little bit expensive for a silence even if you get another card for it in return.
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Mass silence. That's actually an interesting idée for a non watcher deck who don´t play single target silence.
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the main problem especially with the new malygos hype deck are thr 4/4 creatures.. blizzard rly needs to do something so we can remove 4 attack creatures
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I rather play against a hunter with my Shaman .. just saying
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