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Long time (ago) CCG player, recovering WoW player, two week long Hs player...

I've recently become rather fond of Rogue. No doubt there are plenty of decks out there online to search and emulate, which is cool, but as I find my footing I prefer to trial and error on my own a bit.
That being said, I find myself in a position where perhaps some community input would benefit me..
Specifically, I am not sure how to best handle minion selection for Rogue. In general, I seem to have the most success when I play a bit aggro, relying primarily on spells (loving the combo mechanic).
Initially, I had some fun minions included more for my amusement (Defias, Knife Juggler, etc) while I was getting my feet wet. I feel that I did well enough in casual to enjoy myself, but as I start to see what ranked is about I had some strong win streaks and then level off hard at 20.
I seem to be able to handle low numbers of powerful threats, but if I can't keep the enemy minions to about three standard power threats, I start to lose my momentum and rarely get it back.
The way I see it, I can either focus on my own minions (and attendant cards like conceal and shadowstep) or go light on the minions (stick to taunters and spell damage boosters).

I am not so much asking which to go with (although I welcome suggestions) but I am more curious as to if I am even seeing the issue in the correct light.

Thanks in advance.
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I made a post a while ago just for Rogue players who want to start building their own deck instead of just finding some online. If you consider the different types of deck and see which one seems to appeal the most to you I can help you further.

If all you want is to know which minions you should run, try to go for ones that provide good stats for a low cost like Harvest Golem, SI:7 and Defender of Argus. Loot Hoarder is also good for aggressive decks that lack draw.
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Thanks for that, Pugnator. Not sure how I missed that thread.
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05/02/2014 01:55 PMPosted by MagicItAway
Thanks for that, Pugnator. Not sure how I missed that thread.

No problem. If you need to further help after you choose which playstyle suits you best I can give you the "basic" cards for the deck and help you tune it according to your preferences and which classes you feel like you want to beat more.
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