Idea to make redemption more logical.

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When I cast a core hound, the mage I was playing immediately sheeped and shot it with little 2 mana fireball. As the sheep died, it triggered redemption, summoning a brand new sheep.

My problem with this is that the effect on my card should be removed by death, much like when Redemption pops on a card that had been Blessing of Kings buff; I get that card back, but it no longer has Kings.

So ideally I would prefer the same set of rules for both sides of the coin. If I can't get my buffed version of the card back, why do I then have to get a sheep back instead of the card I played in the first place.

I'm sure people can throw out a bunch of 'good reasons' that it works this way, but to me it makes no sense.
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The thing is that Polymorph and Hex aren't an effect on your card, they change the card in to a different card. The old card doesn't exist. This is completely different to a buff like Blessing of Kings, which keeps the same old card but modifies it. Note that silence does not change a Frog or Sheep back either.

They aren't two sides of the same coin, and so the same rules needn't apply. A minion that has been debuffed and then dies and returns from a Redemption is no longer debuffed, and a little minion that is transformed in to a Devilsaur that is killed and brought back with Redeption stays as a Devilsaur. Those are the other sides of the coin.
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Or don't use redemption, I don't see it being worth putting in any paladin deck atm. Could be mistaken but eh.
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It can be pretty awesome if you time it with certain cards. Such as Cairne. But yes, way too situational and like all the Paladin secrets probably not viable for ranked.
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One of my favorite tactics is to bait out hard removals or monster-morph cards with midrange taunts, then when I know they've none left I drop a Sunwalker or Tirion with Redemption combo.
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04/27/2014 09:14 PMPosted by PHxLoki
Or don't use redemption, I don't see it being worth putting in any paladin deck atm. Could be mistaken but eh.

Redemption is amazing if you know how to use it properly. I run 2 Redemptions in my Paladin deck and often helps me establish board dominance early game and has won plenty of late games for me.
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