Priest making the game unenjoyable

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I'm no hardcore Hearthstone player, but I have been really enjoying the game. With my skills above crap, I've started to make steady progress in Ranked play. Then I reached level 18...

9/10 games are against a priest and in every single one they play Northshire Cleric first. Obviously there is some luck involved here. But as a Mage, dealing 3 damage/polymorph reliably below 4 mana requires incredible luck. By the time the Cleric (or Clerics!) are gone, the opponent has 10+ cards in their hand and probably some decent minions in play.

I'm trying to stack Silence abilities, but this is ridiculous. I will find the right deck to ensure a Cleric stuffer gets in an early hand, but I shouldn't have to. The beauty in this game is the preparation and adaptation of strategy. The game now feels like "Step Right Up and Try to Kill a PRIEST!". It's not about fairness, but FUN.

Chime in if you agree, or have a Priest murdering formula that is also a solid deck for general use.

- Aspiring Priest Murderer
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Add faerie dragons as your 2 drops, frost bolts as your low level spells. In mulligan vs priest fish for them.
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Priest are the worst class currently.
Mages are the second worse.
And Northshire Cleric isnt supposed to be a turn 1 play, shes supposed to be played later + healing at the same time. So everyone that plays it at turn one is normally a bad player.
As a mage, you got frostbolt and ANY decent two drop that can kill the northshire cleric without letting him draw cards/draw more than one card.
Could you post your deck?
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Northshire cleric on turn 1 is annoying but really not too big of a deal. If you play aggro decks, you should be able drop any kind of 3 attack creatures on turn 2 to counter turn 1 cleric.

If you play control. you may have to frost bolt or just ignores it until you can drop a decent sized mid game creature into play. The key is to play patiently and not spend a bunch of cards trying to remove a 1 attack creature
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We have two Northshire Clerics, you have two Frost Bolts... It's like they're made for each other.

Anyway, now you know how everyone else feels when they encounter turn one Mana Wyrms.
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But I suppose Mana Wyrm at turn 1 is totally acceptable, right?
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well, the reason why its bad is because hes losing

if he were winning then it would be good!

blizzard please nerf accordingly
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IMHO, the thing about priests is that they are so good when they get their combos and you don't get your combo breakers (silence, mostly). You really feel helpless. But priests are so weak when they don't get their combos. They are a very binary class and their reliance on drawing into their combos and their situational removal right when they need it makes them pretty weak, if you look at them over the course of many games.
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My experience has been that if I don't have an easy way to remove it, NC really still isn't a big deal. It's just a card draw engine, and letting it sit for a couple turns is only going to cost you a couple life.
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The only way Priests make the game unenjoyable is if you're playing as the Priest.
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Try to use low mana cards, like arcane missiles, mana wyrm and frostbolt, sorcerer apprendice or if you really want to remove it, without him drawing a single card you can kill her with a wolfRider.

But you should really let him draw a card, to not lose too much early game progress.
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04/28/2014 12:43 PMPosted by LuichoX
Priest are the worst class currently.

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04/28/2014 04:17 PMPosted by Dewan
Northshire clerics arnt the thing that make playing against a priest unenjoyable. Its the fact that they can easily stall you, dragging the game on and just dwindling you down with your own cards.

Maybe im just not experienced against them, but if you try to rush them..they just stop you and heal through it

Yup, a terrible thing in Hearthrush when once in a while you are set up against that lonely snowflake of a priest and then the game doesn't end in turn 5 ts ts ts as you are used to.
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Every mage I play has faerie dragons, so I never drop NS cleric on turn one unless I also have a smite.
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04/29/2014 05:23 PMPosted by Bonesy
Every mage I play has faerie dragons, so I never drop NS cleric on turn one unless I also have a smite.

How would smite help against faerie dragon? its immune to targeted spells.
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it depends on what 1 and 2 drops you have but dropping something that will also have a negative effect on him or make him choose between what to heal may be helpful.

dropping that cleric down turn 1 when you have no other good cards is not always a bad play. sometimes you get nothing you want or can use even after the mulligan.
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try a druid perhaps. most of my loses as a priest end up with me having no be forced to get andsers for there fattie swarms. hate those tauting trees. :)
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Priests are extremely annoying with their theft stuff indeed.

And for the people who say they are the worst now, paladins are.
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I'm with you.... Priests are lame. Way to many kill cards.... then mind control. I don't even play priest but I can think of 8 cards (that's 4 cards 2 of each one) that can kill your cards right off the bat. Plus, they aren't damage cards, so they get around shields and other abilities...

They have a 10 point swing card for 6 mana... crazy cost efficient. Do five damage add five health for six mana... it's dumb.

This is how priest play... drop walls, kill all your guys, wait till round 10-15 and mind control your guy and kill you with him.
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