Master of Disguise

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This is a card that initially I really liked, but as duels went and I learned more strategies this card became rather frustrating to play.

I noticed that players use this card mainly for it's batttlecry not the minion, which is the case for me as well. It is frustrating in the sense that without the coin you have to wait till turn 4 to be able to play it, that and the fact that you can't play other cards that don't cost 0.

Now 4 mana for a 4/4 with battlecry seems a fair price, but if you only care about the battlecry 4 mana is pricey when in the back of your mind you never cared about the extra 4/4 minion that comes along with it. I wouldn't mind if they changed it to be 1 mana for 1/1 minion instead. Heck, I I wouldn't mind either if they changed it into a spell that costs 1 mana and makes 1 of your minions permanently stealthed (or until he attacks) whereas Conceal put all your minions in stealth but only for 1 turn.

This way we can pay the card for what we actually wanted it to do while not minding the loss of the 4/4 minion.

What are your thoughts guys?
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they should just make cost 2 less if comboed
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05/02/2014 03:43 AMPosted by Ralasuco
I wouldn't mind either if they changed it into a spell that costs 1 mana and makes 1 of your minions permenently stealthed (or untill he attacks)

Would be too broken for Miracle.
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i once managed to have a stealthed gadgetzan with headcrack. Every turn i was doing damage to my opponent and drawing cards with it.
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I tried running new style rogue deck for fun at lower ranks. I had Masters of Disguise and managed to pull some nice stealths with it.

Nat Pagle + Stealth = Nice card draw value
Hogger + Stealth = Summon 2/2 taunt every turn for free

I tried stealthing Ragnaros, but that 8 dmg fireball takes it off stealth automatically. Too bad. So after some fun I didn't find so much use for this card yet. Maybe when we get more useful passive effect cards in the future. Maybe even with Naxx Deathrattles, you can stealth Baron with it.
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I stealthed a Cult Master in Arena a few times, and it was pretty nuts. Stealthing Mana Addict or Questing Adventurer for big plays later seems like it could be really good.

Maybe there's a use for Master Swordsmith somewhere here?
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I used to use 2 of them in my miracle deck along with 2 conceals and use them on Auctioneer/Questing/Edwin but often found lack of damage with 2.

I now use 1 of them. It is a good card in a miracle variation, disguising a questing/auctioneer is very valuable and most likely will net you the win but obviously better if you draw past turn 5.
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