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So, crafted Malygos yesterday to give this a shot. After the initial build and several tweaks and adjusting, it's starting to work a bit more. This is my build as of today, and I'm going to be testing in casual to see how it does. I'll post up my wins/losses later.

Deck list:

And for those who don't want to open a list.

0 - Backstab (x2)
0 - Preparation (x2)
1 - Deadly Poison (x2)
1 - Sinister Strike (x2)
2 - Blade Flurry (x2)
2 - Eviscerate (x2)
2 - Shiv (x2)
2 - Bloodmage Thalnos
2 - Loot Hoarder (x2)
3 - Fan of Knives
3 - Big Game Hunter
3 - Earthen Ring Farseer (x2)
3 - Edwin VanCleef
3 - SI:7 Agent (x2)
5 - Azure Drake (x2)
5 - Faceless Manipulator
5 - Gadgetzan Auctioneer (x2)
9 - Malygos

Some things of note that I've seen: for the most part, people may very well assume it's Miracle Rogue. Building up Taunts really doesn't mean much, but keeping pressure on with minions can mitigate how much they're bashing your face in. Auctioneer is majorly helpful, but I don't like burning the spells in my hand. I will settle for a few when I play him because this isn't Miracle Rogue; Preparations are best saved for when you can play Malygos so you can immediately deal damage with at least one spell, so it's important to save them and not be too greedy, because it's not just the Preparations, it's your damaging cards too. Wicked Daggers with deadly poison applied should be used sparingly. Leaving it on your board until you have another deadly poison is great, or if you have a Blade Flurry in hand and could use some damage on their board to clear minions. Dropping Thalnos along with this is great.

My first game today was against a warrior, who near the end played Nozdormu. So...just keep that in mind, fellow rogues, it looks like the countering has already begun, albeit that only stops Miracle Rogue and potentially Malygod. I won regardless because the next turn I knew I'd draw Malygos (since I had only 1 card left and hadn't drawn him) which proceeded to give me game.

Edit: There are some things I've considered and tried.

Sap: Can be helpful, but most things I want to get rid of BGH handles.
Assassin's Blade: Tried this and it does kind of work. The durability really makes a difference and lets you get some difference in, and with Malygos + Prep + Blade Flurry it's worth 8 damage. If you manage to get Deadly Poison on it, it'll clear for 10.
Headcrack: Kind of useful as a persistent source of damage, but I'd have to tweak things.
Conceal: This is more an issue of if I can find the room. It has the benefit of hiding Auctioneers and can also keep Maly from being taken out so you can unleash hell next turn. Let's face it: no AoE card is going to wipe him out.
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I am in the same boat with you sir. Doing some initial tests in casual. It's not universally good, but when the stars align, this thing is devastating. Here are a few of my opinions

1. There are many more rogues in the game. Probably because everyone is sick of those huntard scum.
2. I've seen both tempo and miracle, malygod not so much, probably because not everyone has them.
3. concealment is NECESSARY. Just 1 is enough, this thing will allow you to have a full turn of malygos casting assuming you survive that extra turn. Otherwise you just risk getting mind controlled before you can use your damaging spells.
4. Malygos on turn 9 needs to either be lethal the same turn, or be concealed with coin or preparation. Or if your opponent is topdecking, which increases your chances of malygos surviving next turn.
5. The deck is good against huntards because they dont have material for their unleash the skill to use on.
6. I suspect that we are weak to tempo rogues.

Some other observations:
1. You can live without loot hoarders. It's not the end of the world.
2. Thalnos will be mainly used for blade furry. That is either 2 damage aoe, or 4 damage with deadly poison.
3. Fan of knives use is situational. Against anti-hunter decks and retard decks it's not very useful. Compared to blade fury, it does not hurt enemy heroes.
4. Spiteful smith is useful! its a very solid minion with good stats, and you can take huge advantage of that extra +2 damage. That's like a permanent fiery war axe.
5. Try to have gadtezan with malygos together. On the turn when you start burning, you can draw just the necessary cards.
6. Double gadgetzan on board is overkill and will often lead to fatigue :) Shiv will draw you 3 cards :) So do not do it :)
7. Head crack could be useful, with gadgetzans and malygod. It's return feature may allow you to use it for multiple rounds.

i am looking at other options available for my malygod. One is violet apprentice. With all those cheap spells, you can fill the board in no time. Of course this will not work against retards.
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Current 3/1 today. Overtended against a Hunter when I shouldn't have. It was hilarious watching him burn a Buzzard and UTH when I had 1 minion.

I would agree on Conceal in some cases, but it's seeming more often than not Maly does have a good chance for survival, but it really depends on who you're facing. For whatever reason, Warriors keep using their removal on weaker things, like Azure Drakes and Auctioneer - which is fine by me, but I try and keep them around. I guess they think "it's miracle rogue, kill the Auctioneer and they're out of options". I've also been able to win without Maly. The warrior dropped his health so low I was able to just use Sinister Strike, Eviscerate, and then a Blade Flurry on my buffed knife.

As for tempo having an advantage, I agree, since I ran tempo season 1 and had a good time playing it and a very decent winning streak. In thought, the amount of turns where I spend where I can get hit is enough to give tempo rogue time to drop me down under 20 health, and once it dips under 18, then it's not hard for a good hit and spells to finish it.

Lastly, realized I missed a card in my list. It lists only 29 cards.
Edit: Now it's fixed.
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I hate double posting, but as of 10:00 P.M. central time, the deck has gone 8/5. Less than stellar performance, Druids are a big issue.

2 vs Warrior
4 vs Shaman (1 opponent conceded; 1 in ranked)
1 vs. Priest (opponent conceded)
1 vs. Warlock (opponent left; game wasn't only about turn 8 and we both had over 25 health...)

1 to Huntard (overextended when I shouldn't have)
1 to Ramp Druid (got Ragnaros out quickly, didn't have BGH in hand)
1 to Token Druid (opponent overextended and got 7 minions wiped by a Blade Flurry but drew in to exact game after Malygos was out and ready to punish)
1 to Zoolock in ranked (quite simply, bad draws with no way to clear out minions quickly)
1 to [I apparently didn't write down the loss, but the first 10 games had me at 6/4 I remember]
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You know, i amr really curious to see others playing this deck, because it feels unreliable as hell. Pretty much any deck that plays a minion on board spells doom for me.
Backstab, Si7m, Eviscerate is just not enough to deal with the crap that your opponent throws on board. You are pretty much dead against anything that has 5+ health.

I am starting to hate this deck. Tempo feels a way more balanced deck. This one doesn't even have the capacity to last until malygos and crumbles under any remotely decent board pressure. It's annoying as hell and i find nothing fun in it.

Yeah a few surprise kills with malygos are really not worth all the suffering you must endure.
Just like chanman said, you can make a deck that will beat hunters but will lose to everything else.
That's a decent description.

Yeti's, Druid's of the Claw, Water elementals are my bane.
When i remember how much more reliable is tempo, makes me even more hate all these spellblade decks.

And none of this stands even remotely to handlock, my main. I lose games with that one too, but when I do win with that deck, it does actually feel consistent. The win conditions are much easier to replicate with handlock. And even rogue tempo.

EDIT: I think there needs to be done some more changes to the deck.

Either it needs it's board presence improved, or there need to be more deck thinking options. Shiv is an example, but it's damn expensive for 2 mana and only 1 damage. It's good when you cast it with gadtetzan out because you get 2 card draws out of it, but it's really damn situational thing. Hunter flare is much better for deck thining.

Oh and i hate it when malygos is the last card in my deck.. Or gadgetzans.
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I felt the same way about it the night I crafted Maly but that was while working on numerous changes. Yesterday it did much better than expected, but still not great and I feel there really do need to be some different options being used.

The build I originally saw used a copy of Sap, but I feel BGH handles that better. It also had 2 Fan of Knives, which I feel only 1 is necessary, and based on several other builds using 1 it seems like the right idea. Headcrack isn't too bad either, and does free you up a bit to use an Eviscerate on a minion if you really need to take it out so it doesn't start killing you. Plus if you were to play it with an Auctioneer and keep him alive for a second turn, that allows some reusable draw. Kind of wish we had some Secrets we could use that would stall people.

I feel like if you play the deck with the Auctioneers and do make use of the Preparation and are running Conceal, then you should be golden. A single Preparation nets two extra draws as long as you have a second card to play. So if you went Auctioner, Prep, Shiv, Prep, Fan of Knives/Shiv, you're drawing six cards.

But again, the staying alive part is the worst of it.
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