Rename Mindvision?

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I think that "Mindvision" should be renamed "Coinvision".

The last three priests that I've played against that used Mindvision on Turn 1 going first got my coin.

I've only even used Mindvision twice myself, both times grabbing a coin on turn 1 when I had no other plays. After that I took it out of my deck.

I've also watched various players on Youtube using Mindvision on turn 1 going first... always been a coin.

It's starting to get to the point now when I don't think it's random chance any more.

Anyone else have their own experience to share, or is this just me?
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Just don't use this card
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wait for the opponent to use the coin?

Same rule as counterspell.
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The point is not how to play around it. I couldn't care less, it's not in my Priest deck. The point is that Mindvision is meant to take a random card and in my experience it always takes the coin- a 1 in 5 chance. I'm almost certain I've seen 5/5 coins being taken where it was possible to do so, a 1 in 3125 chance.

I was asking for others experiences before reporting it as a potential bug. Instead of unwanted advice for someone that avoids playing Priest as much as possible, please can you give your stats (if known) on Mindvision taking coins?
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Actually, I agree. MV loves coins.
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05/04/2014 02:00 PMPosted by Bottle
1 in 3125 chance.


Its not that odd that in the countless of times it is played it will sometimes happen ~10 times in a row

After all you now have a 1/5 chance of making it 6 times in a row.
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Yes, each individual chance is 1 in 5, but if it happens (say) ten times in a row, that's then a 1 in 10 million chance nearly. The following chance would still be 1 in 5, but the overall chance is what matters.

I'm going to see if I can get a larger statistical sample by playing some casual Priest games with Mindvision when I get the chance. Meanwhile, I'd greatly appreciate input from other users about what card Mindvision steals for you, whether it's a coin to confirm my suspicions or another card to allay them. Obviously, your data would only be applicable while the opponent has coin in hand.
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