Rank Up: Low Budget Aggro Mage

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Beginners guide to ranked play against all classes.


This Mage deck has NO legendary cards whatsoever and only costs 1520 Arcane Dust to make (not counting the common cards) and is perfect for getting you through to at least rank 10.

This deck is extremely aggressive and should have no problem putting any opponent under immense pressure in the early-mid game, while powerful finishers will help you win games even if the board gets out of control later on.

Watch all the plays against every other class PLUS a walk-through on how to play various cards:


Ideal for those players ranking up from level 20 to 10.
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if i have 2 pyroblasts and an alexstrasza, should i use any of them instead of something else?
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Deck list ?
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Take out the 2 Shattered Sun Clerics and replace with two Pyroblasts

Knife Jugglers would be my next choice of card to replace.

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metalDays>>> Decklist is displayed at the beginning of each video and discussed.

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It is a standard aggro deck:

2 Arcane Missles
2 Leper Gnomes
2 Mana Wyrm
2 Frostbolt
2 Fairie Dragon
2 Knife Juggler
2 Loot Hoarder
2 Novice Engineer
2 Sorc. Apprentice
2 Arcane Intelligence
1 Frost Nova
1 Ice Block
2 Shattered Sun Cleric
2 Fireball
2 Water Elemental
2 Flamestrike
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Videos have been updated again. :)
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Hi Guys,

Have added a couple of new videos and replied to a bunch of questions.

Thanks for all of the great feedback. :)
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As far as agro decks go, it's rather weak compared to what other classes can do.

I made a few changes to add some higher cost taunting minions and to have polymorphs. Either way, it's a fun deck.
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