Just found Edwin,how can I use him?

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Hi, I come from the Italian forum sorry for my bad grammar.

I've just found Edwin Vancleaf in a pack ,can somebody help me to build a solid rogue deck (no necessery a miracle one, usually I play control decks) with him?

So, I've ALL the rogue common cards, 2x Blade flurry , 1 Perdition's Blade, 2x Master of Disguise, 1x headcrak 1x Edwin Vancleaf

All class cards that often are in Vancleaf decks: 1x Cold Fight Oracle, 1x Mana addict, 1x Wild pyromancer.

I Know that I MUST craft 2x Preparation, 2x Gadgatzan Auctioneer, maybe another perdition blade and/or a SI:7 Agent,Is that right?

I dont' have Bloodmage thalnos, Nat pagle or Leeroy
I can craft one legendary right now, I want to keep my dust for Alexstrasza for my control decks, but if the Vancleef deck can fit in the recent ranked game I would think to craft Leeroy or the other rare/epics that i miss to complete it.
Any suggestion?
Thanks ! ^_^
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If you make a tempo rogue, you don't NEED the Gadgetzan's but they'd be good to have. Leeroy fits into so many decks that I think he's a top 3 craft in the game. You can't go wrong, he fits in Hunter decks, token Druid, Zoo, Rogue, and any other aggro deck you can think of. Thalnos is a great add to Rogue decks, but you can easily replace him for either Kobold Geomancer or Novice Engineer. Preparation is only necessary in miracle decks, not tempo.. however if you make a miracle Rogue you'll absolutely need x2 Gadgetzan.

TL;DR If you make a Rogue deck I'd recommend making a tempo Rogue. Craft Leeroy, get your hands on x2 S:I7 Agent's, and you have all the necessary components for a decent deck. Play with it a bit, and then see what you're missing so you can add it in. Hope that helps a bit.
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Thank you very much for your comment! It help me a lot to make some decision.
So, I crafted Leeroy , I Love him !

Ah, the combo!
I just fought against a priest, really a funny fight, let me say: turn 3 4/4 Edwin, then 6/6 Edwin at turn 5, then Double Leeroy= win !

This is the deck list: http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=43695/lets-try:-leeroy-vancleaf

I miss some dust now,Ill'want to craft another SI:7 Agent (perdition's blade out)
Any other suggestion to make this deck a little stronger/solid?

edit: Giving cards to your opponent is never a great thing so How can I replace the Coldsight Oracle (just found another one ç_ç)?
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You probably don't need Master of Disguise, Fan of Knives, or a 2nd Sap in your deck. Replacements I'd recommend would be a 2nd S:I7 Agent, as well as either x2 Argent Commander, or x2 Azure Drake. Both are very good in Tempo decks, Conceal is more used for Miracle Rogue, so if you removed that you could add both. I like Conceal as a card though, so it's up to you~!
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6/6 is safe for big game hunter. a coin 4/4 cleef is a threat to priest.

my advice do not expect him to be a game changer ,ever. but when he does its !@#$ing sweet.
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