I need 15 minutes

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15 minutes of your time mateys.

I am a fairly new Hearthstone player and i invested by mistake of mine everything into Mage Cards but it turns out that i keep drewlling about the Priest class.

Whoever among you experienced players has 15 minutes to spare please add me Ketz#2913 and help me decide what to go for my Priest deck from now on.

You can also join me on my Teamspeak server to make things easier and faster so that i don't waste too much of your time.
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Theres not all that many concepts to learn here but two main ones are card advantage.

card advantage is using 1 card to deal with multiple of your opponent's, like if you are able to kill 2 cards with a scarlet crusader or 1 card with a hero ability, you gain card advantage and a slight lead on your opponent. This is why most classes take their AOE skills-they have a fairly high chance for dealing with multiple cards.

The next is tempo where you want to solve a problem with less mana than your opponent. For example, you can kill a 2 mana 3/2 monster with rogue's backstab which cost 0 mana. This frees up more mana for you to impact the board than your opponent.

Card advantage is less important when your hand costs a lot of mana. for example, if you have a hand full of 5+ mana cards and it is turn 6. It will take a lot of spending to use up all of your cards anyways. Certain classes like the hunter ignores these concepts because of the formerly broken buzzard+unleash the hounds combo. I don't know if it is bad or not anymore. Also, they just hit the face and accidently do 30 damage to you by turn 8 but again, I don't know if they are capable of that anymore.

If you understand those concepts, you should make it to r10 easy but priests are the hardest to rank up with. GL
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