Priest cards concept

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I like fluff in RPG and card games as well.
Can someone from WoW players explain to me why Priests in HS have so many cards with stealing mechanism ? Does they do something close to that with their spells in WoW ?
I so dont like that.

I think if not this idea Priest would be my favorite class in HS. But its not, becouse i just dont like mechanism of using someone cards. It feels weird.

I would rather picture Priest as class with alot healing cards,buffs, Priest specific class minions that have powerful skills , instead just force priest to use others cards in replace to balance it.
Thats just so odd to me

( sorry for my english im from far far land ;D )
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In WoW priests have(had? havent played since forever) the spells mind vision and mind control.Both spells are from the shadow magic tree.
Mind control lets you control (obviously) enemy units and Mind vision was letting you have the point of view that the minion had (if i remember correctly, still i havent played since forever).
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In wow all classes have multiple specializations they can be. For priest they have holy ( healing focused ) discipline ( originally shields and efficiency now hybrid damage that causes healing along with the shield) and shadow ( damage, also had fear, silence, mind control, and some life leach drain mechanics ).

The next thing is that a copy and steal style of play has been a staple in most card games. There isn't a very good fit for this in wow from a gameplay or lore perspective. That wasn't already needed to fit another common deck style. Mages are the best choice for the classic damage spell class. Warlock was best for the self destructive cards which have increased effects. Druids in wow did recently get an ability that allows them to share a class skill with an ally and get one in return but it's a bit of a stretch and so they focused on the Druids flexibility instead. Rogues could cover stealing but in wow they have very little actual stealing and are focused on stealth and cc. In combat they use a combo point system using small attacks to build up to strong finishers, they tried to bring some of that feel over to hearthstone. Shaman, Hunter, warrior and paladin seems to obviously not fit which leaves the priest which actually has had spells which control enemies.

I wouldn't hold my breath on getting strong targeted healing. Because of the auchunai (sp?) all healing needs to be small or effect everything. Otherwise they would turn into more efficient direct damage spells that mages have.
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