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fancy playing with druid, can someone recommend me a good deck or a link to one?
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Do you have any class rares/epics or many usable legends?
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Hi im new to the game, Im trying ot make a decent druid deck but I literally have no idea when it comes to constructing one. My current one is as follows:

0 Innovate
1 Claw
1 Elven archer
1 Goldshire footman
1 Leper gnome
2 Mark of the wild
2 wild growth
2 Wrath
2 ironbeak owl
2 kobold geomancer
2 Master swordsmith
2 Sunfury protector
3 healing touch
3 mark of nature
3 Savage roar
3 Emporer cobra
3 ironforge rifleman
3 ironfur grizzly
4 soul of the forest
4 swipe
4 Cult master
4 Sen'jin shieldmasta
5 Starfall
5 Druid of the claw
5 Fen creeper (gold)
5 Gadgetzen auctioneer (gold)
5 Stampeding Kodo
5 Stranglthorn Tiger (gold)
6 Star fire
8 Ironbark Protector

Obviously I know some of you pros out there will laugh upon this pitiful deck but like I said, I have no idea what im doing so any tips will be helpful thanks.

Also the only legendary I have is the Gelbin mekkatorque .... Im sick of getting turned into a chicken aha
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Next time create a new topic instead of grave-posting...

Anyway, if you want to play druid you need Ancient of Lore x2(our best class card), Keeper of the Grove x2 and a second Druid of the Claw(core druid cards) so disenchant some useless gold cards(Fen creeper, Tiger... I would disenchant Gelbin too, but it's up to you since it's a fun card you may want to keep it for the lulz) to get the dust to craft em. start by crafting the cheaper ones.
Then, I'd suggest you to give a look at this deck, since it's quite cheap yet viable:

Do you have most of the cards listed? We can replace some of the rares and epics, but you need to tell us what other neutral cards you have got, since there might be some good ones hidden somewhere.

That deck should be able to get you to a decent rank once you learn the ropes. Consider that to create more viable druid decks(Token, Watcher, Ramp, Aggro Ramp,...)you need a lot more dust though. Druid is expensive.
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