There is a wall at rank 13 for Priests

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And its name is "Rush Hunter" and oftenly also "Zoolock/Murlock". How to get past this wall? Any good anti-aggro builds? Here's my deck:!

There seems to be very little that I can do against aggro decks unless I draw the right cards. I knew Priest was a weak class against aggro but not this weak.
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Cant see your deck, site is down.

But do you have shadow madness? Its great against aggro.
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Yes, I have shadow madness in my deck but I only put it in recently and only once.
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I ended on rank 8 last season and I only play Priest.

Without seeing your deck I personally suggest 2 sunfury protectors 2 ancient watchers to stop the rush.

Also take 2 wild pyromancers, 2 holy smites and 2 holy novas.

I can post my deck if you'd like.
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05/05/2014 11:40 AMPosted by Ancor3
Yes, I have shadow madness in my deck but I only put it in recently and only once.

Site is back up so I had a look.

Below is solely based on my personal experience.


I would suggest for you to replace your sw: pain with shadow madness

After all shadow madness often (not always) kills 2 minions instead of 1 and is useful for triggering secrets with your opponents own minions (taste vaporize frost elemental!) or deathrattles (harvest golem)

Another card I would suggest is mass dispell.

Its a mass silence + card that can completely ruin your opponents side of the field, and in the worst case scenario becomes a carddraw. (2 heavily buffed starving hyena's? not anymore)

The sunfury/ancient watcher combo mentioned can also work but is quite dependent on lucky draws.
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Actually heavy aggro decks are manageable...

I am currently @rank9 and the amount of Miracle Rogues I face make me a VERY sad combo-priest. (it is a near unwinable matchup for me)
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As alife says ... Aggro is manageable, to an extent. Miracle is hell. Well, so are Wizards, to be honest. And warriors ;)
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As I run hunter rush deck, I know that if you run heavy watcher combo you have better chance for winning, but still just half half at the most.

But, I also know that if I run the watcher combo in my prist deck (I hit the Rank 6 last time), I have almost no chance against control worrior, Miracle, hard lock .

So, trade one problem for another 3 ? That means you have to facing 3 times more this much up. However, it might be true right now you face 60-70% aggro.
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