Bad Miracle players

Watching bad miracle rogues play has to be one of the funniest things in HS. They just flap about casting almost random spells in every direction while getting nothing accomplished.

Thats not to say a good miracle player something to behold in itself, absolutely magnificent. But I've learned to appreciate the bad ones as well.

Shine on you crazy diamonds.;)
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I agree, Leeroy + 512487 shadowsteps is a sight of unfathomable magnificence
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lmao I played against a bad one. baited out backstab, then, being second, turn 4 I hero power'd a recruit and played... MANA WRAITH. He prep eviscerated -> wraith. Then gadgetzan prep conceal. I was laughing all the way to the pyroquality next turn.
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Can't deny it's funny. But the deck does take lots of trial an error so easy to see why some matches are so funny to watch.
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Miracle Rogue is a very hard deck to play well, so it's not surprising that there are a lot of bad players playing it as it gained popularity recently. With that said I don't see what's so funny about bad players playing Miracle Rogue, as many of them are probably new players who read some ill advised posts on these forums and decided to construct themselves a Miracle deck. If they aren't new players but instead whiny QQing brats than yes, I'll laugh at those any day of the week, but most of the QQers realize that Miracle Rogue is too tough of a deck for them to play so they pick easier decks and than proceed to QQ about Hunters, Warlocks and whatnot.
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I played against a Miracle Rogue who tried to Leeroy me when I had Vaporize up....
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I've played my share of bad Miracle (Miracle on Miracle is super annoying but theres a mutual respect there) and I will defend them all because at least they are trying.

This is a friggin hard deck to play. The choices every turn are so numerous that its almost hard to learn from your mistakes because your "mistakes" are usually one move of 7 in one single turn alone. I've lost my share of games where i realized "oh if i did this instead within this six move turn, i win" and vice versa. its like a chess board state - the game could've been lost 3 turns ago and you just didn't know it and the possibilities to play each turn go up exponentially.

Unlike idiotic aggro decks that just spam out minions and weapons until they win before you can even auctioneer. Its endlessly stupid and frustrating to see an aggro Paladin just Truesilver / Avenging wrath faceroll his way to victory while we're here concocting up these complex combos that require a brain, (and still needing the RNG element of the right cards) but whatever, MR is more fun that that garbage.
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Hi my fellow rogues, i made my self a miracle deck, well knowing that it is hard deck to play and im relatively new to this game (tried in beta but really started after release). I still wanted to do it because it seems fun and diffrent, also i had good aggro-rogue deck in main, warlock-aggro and control shaman secondary so why not, if it goes wrong i still have decks to play.

AND BY GOD was i bad with it, i was so bad that i almost was too shamed to play with it. I didnt (dont) have Thalnos or VanCleef, i read the instructions, tried to play how it was meant to play but didnt get the results. I bet my !@# that i made many players day with my feeble attemps to miracle =) None-the-less, i didnt quit. I played ranked with mine main rogue and next one with miracle. Win main loose miracle so my rank stayed same. I kept playing and i started to understand the deck a littlebit better, i made some changes to compliment my playing style, made some changes when needed to against aggros, i learned and now im much better with it. I can play it AND go up (or down) ranks. I bet im not anymore so funny to play against =)

My point, for those against bad-miracles: laugh them now when you can, because after week its too late =)

And for those bad-miracle players, dont give up, play, play and play, you gonna get it. And when you do, its so god-damn fun deck to play.

Sorry my eng and all the best to you all o/~
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I've been playing my Miracle Rogue deck for a few days....I clawed my way to rank 15 but am now in a massive losing streak and back down around 18 :\ I find it really hard to play (and yet also very fun and very rewarding when things go well). I thought about posting my deck on the forum, but I'm pretty sure it's a standard MR build so not sure anyone would have much feedback.
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05/11/2014 07:48 PMPosted by SleightMonky
I played against a Miracle Rogue who tried to Leeroy me when I had Vaporize up....

Vaporize is really unexpected lol...and Mage has so many secrets that it can be impossible to know which one it is, I would expect Ice Block or Ice Barrier after testing for Counterspell, but would probably test for Vaporize if possible first.
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