Miracle Rogues everywhere?

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If Liquidhearth is to be believed, 10 of the top 16 US players play Miracle rogue. I suppose we'll start seeing more counters to Miracle real soon.

Check this: http://www.liquidhearth.com/forum/hearthstone/2353-americas-season-1-final-rankings-and-what-they-played
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Top players have multiple decks, just because they play Miracle it doesn't mean they don't play other decks too. Miracle is just fotm now so that's why everyone is playing it now.
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How do you effectively counter Miracle Rogue? Aside from control warrior, every time I've played against it, it seems like I'm just sitting there waiting for their turn to finish, and then die lol
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Early aggression and forcing them to use their spells inefficiently with no Auctioneer out is a good way to beat them. Killing them fast before they kill you also works. Late game you just need more taunts than they have Saps, and hopefully you'll have made them spend their burn already. Most classes can also kill Auctioneer through stealth, so you can also try to set that up. Hunter is also pretty good because of Flare, Deadly Shot and traps. Malygos list is slower so you can actually race it.
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Well it does say "what deck they used to get there" but yes, I agree -- I'm sure they used multiple decks to hit legendary.

Already foreseeing more old school aggro huntards.
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Miracle is a nice counter to the midrange hunter which was, and still is very popular in the meta, to beat miracle? Zoo, aggro huntard, anything aggressive, oh, and hope they draw bad D:
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The best way to beat a Miracle Rogue is to keep sending minions out so they have to use more and more of their spells to deal with them instead of saving them the cycle with their Auctioneers.

Also, having more than one Taunt on the board at one time to block Leeroy from getting through helps a lot. I usually try to save one Sap towards to end of a game to free a path for Leeroy, but removing 2+ Taunts can be tricky for us Miracle Rogues at times.
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It's interesting because I'm trying to play Miracle Rogue and wondering how people do so well with it :P Granted, I'm not all that great at the game.

But what I find is it only takes a couple of taunt minions to seriously ruin my day? What I miss is the larger clears like flamestrike, lightning storm etc. Warlocks, Priests and Hunters create these walls of taunts that I have trouble getting past. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I'm using this deck:

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spell power + flurry is your friend against taunts
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