Just got triple leeroyed

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I must say that playing a rogue deck is a lotta fun when you get the cards, but I can think of a few decks who when I hit them. I just for the life of me can't beat them.

Pretty much any kind of Aggro rush deck. that will kill me by turn five or six.

Some of the priests who have a manageable middle game are a pain to fight around.

And there is something sweet about coming outta the blue and whipping a win outta your back pocket
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05/07/2014 05:45 AMPosted by Glennn

do you call this a finisher?
at turn 9, a miracle rogue has drawn his entire deck and the only remaining cards are leeroy, 2x shadowstep and 2x coldblood for 26 damage.

if the rogue has a weapon equiped at that time, then its OTK.

its just b*ll!@#$

If you let the Miracle Rogue draw his entire deck by turn 9 than you've done something wrong. Sure, Auctioneer can draw a lot of cards, but there are only so many spells he can play on a single turn, especially if he happens to draw parts of his combo which he doesn't want to use prematurely. So in essence you're letting the Auctioneer live for more than a single non concealed turn and you're doing nothing to the Miracle Rogue until turn 9 when he can finally go off and kill you. Even control decks like Handlock can win long before turn 9 against a passive deck like Miracle Rogue, so there's no excuse for doing nothing.

And if you play Priest, Shaman or Paladin then what? And there are "so many" spells he can play in one turn, but Prep + Shiv + Prep + Shiv is 6 cards drawn for 0 mana
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Yeah NoxUmbra, sounds like fun.

I would say that the biggest problem is Shadowstep and Preparation. They are too good to be zero mana IMO.
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<span class="truncated">...</span>

Because a lot of taunt cards are worthless and only make for a slow death? Many decks also don't run more than 2-4 taunts at the most. The problem with Leeroy is that a rogue can have ZERO board presence and out of nowhere take well over half a person's life with a single easy combo. Granted rogues are more about minion removal and direct attacks, but one should at least have SOME kind of board presence to pull off something like that. A player should not be able to come back and win from being totally dominated even with a massive stroke of luck.

I really do understand people's frustration with Leeroy Jenkins. You could have complete board control, even an overwhelming presence of 4-5 minions while the Miracle Rogue has none, and then, out of nowhere, you get hit with 16-26 damage, and you're dead...

And this is why I love to play a Miracle Rogue: not because I think it's OP, or easy to play, or because people think it's an exploitable cheat. I play one because it's like a puzzle to me. I love the anticipation of trying to "solve" the correct order of decisions, to clear a path, and rise up and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. (Sorry to be a little overdramatic).

Yeah, I can understand how that is a fun brain puzzle. The problem is your opponent. While you're having the time of your life, he/she's been sitting there looking at a stealthed Gadgetzan for the last minute, after spending the game to that point staring at an empty board. If there's one thing that's going to get Miracle Rogue changed, it's that.
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Blizzard can not nerf Rouge because the company does not have the technology or power to change the meta. O_O
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