why am I always stuck at rank 19?

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Below are my priest deck:

1x inner fire
1x mind vision
1x PW Shield
1x Northshire Cleric
1x divine Spirit
1x SW Pain
1x Acid Ooze
1x knife juggler
1x Light Well
1x Sunfury Protector
1x SW Death
2x Thoughtful steal
1x Harvest Golem
1x Injured Blademaster
1x Mindgames
1x Auhenai Soul Priest
1x Chillwind Yeti
1x light spawn
1x Senjin Shield Master
1x Spell breaker
2x Holy Nova
1x Gurubashi Beserker
1x Silver Hand Knight
1x Sylvanas Windrunner
1x Temple Enforcer
1x SW champion
1x Mind Control
1x Deathwing

One of my main problem is that people out summon me, and i only got 2 holy novas which cost too much and not enough to clear the board.

any suggestions on how to improve my deck?
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Problem is that you're running alot of gimicky cards that are highly vulnerable to silences and removals. And by that I mean divine spirit and inner fire. Google amaz's priest deck, and you'll see what cards are good.
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1x inner fire
1x mind vision
1x divine Spirit
1x Light Well
1x Mindgames
1x light spawn
1x Deathwing
Those are some definite reasons.

There are also many cards that are not so bad, but won't get you out of low ranks.
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Underneath the deck I have described what the low budget version would be.
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You have some good cards in this deck but I would expect it to be highly inconsistent.

One thing I would address is that you have a lot of single copies of cards. I understand that when building a collection it's not always possible to have two of all the best stuff, but there are some distinct advantages to doubling up cards when you can:

- It simplifies your deck, making it easier to play
- It makes your strategies more consistent
- If a card is the best choice for your deck, it's worth having two. If it's not the best choice for your deck, why is it there?

Specifically, combo cards like Lightwell, Inner Fire, Divine Spirit really need to have doubles (if you want to play them) because having just one of each means you will hit the combo *far* less often.

Usually cards that are played as singles are special purpose cards (Ooze, silence, shadowform, MC, etc) where you usually won't need/use a second in the game.

Good cards you should double up (if you can):

PW: Shield
Harvest Golem
Injured Blademaster
Temple Enforcer
SW: Death

I would drop all the cards that Dissentient suggested you drop.
If you want more early game removal, try adding Holy Smite.
If you are playing both Auchenai Soul Priest and Blademaster, you really should be running Circle of Healing, because it doubles as a board clear (with priest) and a heal (Blademaster).

With 2xNorthshire and 2xPW:Shield, you should have enough card draw. Just remember that it's not a great idea to play a cleric on an empty board (even turn 1) unless you can buff/protect it. It's best to play it right before you heal a minion.
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Inner spirit combo is pathetic, any priest using thatathetic combo never be able to get past rank 12, all I can see.
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If you stuck at rank 17, means:

1. you can't count number (Are you sure you max your DMG every turn and every time?)
2. you can't plan your play
3. you don't think
4. you don't read
5. you don't learn
6. you keep making mistakes

I pass Rank 17 in the second day I play this game, using priest, and never went back below it.
It is a easy game and base on the ranking system, everyone play ok will reach around 12.
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