Hunters what do?

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Please can somebody point me in the direction of a rogue build that can actually beat hunters that is not the random win generator(miracle). I don't really need a budget build since I have all the rogue cards and most neutrals. As for legs I have bloodmage thalnos, leeroy jenkins, cairne bloodhoof, the black knight, ragnaros, alexstrasza and ysera. I have been building all kinds of crazy decks trying to not be bugged by hunters but I just can't come up with anything very successful. I feel like the only ways to win is if the hunter draws really bad or you need to have no minions out on the hunters turn but that's impossible unless you are a hunter.

The following is just a rant about hunters there is really no need to read it.
I have been playing hunters about every other game and every game goes like this.

If i go first

Round 1 Always nothing

Round 2 I play a 3/2 or a 2/3 they play a secret or eagle horn bow. They might also play animal companion which no matter what "random" beast they gets it can deal with whatever turn 2 minion I can play.

Round 3 If I have a minion it's because they played a secret if its a 2/3 I played I can attack and get him back now costing 4 mana or if it was a 3/2 I must send the minion to its death (hopefully I get back a 4 cost minion instead). Now I can play a 2/3 harvest golem if I'm lucky and have one or put out a 3/3 or equip a weapon. If i equip a weapon i will be hit for 2 dmg if i play a 3/3 it will die and if i play a harvest golem it will die but hey at least I have a 2/1

Round 4 I might have a chillwind yeti or a defender of argus for my 2/1 hmmm... but hey what ever I play will be cleaned up this turn so who cares.

Round 5 oh look I have somehow got 3 minions on the field meaning for the most part all the hunters BS spells wont kill them by my next turn. Wait never mind I have 3 minions on the board I'm screwed uth buzzard and timber wolf kick in at full power this turn. at least I have decent taunt! oh wait they can play hunters mark on turn 5 as well

Round 6 Wait they did not play uth? Maybe they are not very good or lucky and I might win! ohh nvm they just played tracking and got the missing piece and I still have 3 minions out so i'm screwed. To bad this 1 turn window of actually being able to attack does not deal 30 dmg. and even if they still dont have uth combo they can now mix there removal spells and make sure to clean me up.

Round 7 somehow i'm alive it must be because the are going to deal the final blow this turn or just did not get the best draws but whatever the case may be I have lower hp. Now I can flood the board with minions and most definitely die to a uth combo next turn or I can play my big guy and it will die to deadly shot. It's a good thing that spell targets a "random enemy minion" right?

Round 8 if i'm still alive something has gone seriously wrong for the hunter. If i flooded units last turn I get in one attack round maybe around 8 dmg if I played a big minion I get in even less dmg maybe 4-7(that is of course if there was no deadly shot) but hey now I can play another big minion or flood even more minions.

Round 9 If i'm still alive after round 9 I might have about a 50% chance I will end up winning this is very rare.

If i go second everything might be delayed by 1 turn if they have no secret and i might get in 2-3 dmg in the start of the game.
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The rogue is a lie.
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For hunters, I guess you want to run tempo, however I prefer miracle as its much more fun and I still have success against hunters, most of the time just hope they are not full face hunter and try and rush them down before the highmanes come out
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