Best thought steal?

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Just stole a Cairne and Rag with one thought steal.

Anyone else have amazingly lucky thought steals that were better?
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Deathwing when both players have less than 5 cards left.

Guess what the last card he played was? (he saved it for last) And what mine was after that :>
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Just had a match where round 8 I played syvanas on an empty board, used mind vision on the hunter with 3 cards in his hand and got King Krush. Round 9, as anticipated by my priestly insight, he played him not even thinking about the suicide sylvanas. Round 9 for me, 2x king krush.
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Trion fording and blessed champion, faceless manip in hand :D
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not a thought steal, but a mind games... was playing around with a goofy murloc priest deck, in round 3 I decided to coin into Mind Games, yeah it pulled a Gruul.
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I thought stole a moonfire, Druid had 1 hp left. :)
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Agaisnt a Druid 1 thoughtsteal stole both Starfalls...that was pretty funny. Agaisnt a Mage I got Malygos and a Frost Nova...not a bad steal either.
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Today I pulled the most epic steals I've ever managed.

Thoughtstole the Onyxia early on. Cabal Shadow Priest'ed the Warsong. Then my hopes and dreams were dashed as the warrior played Brawl on turn 8. But the little Warsong Commander was the minion to survive. Never going to happen again.
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Not a great but awkward as f**k.

I used thought steal.
I get 2 thought steals from enemy priest.(I was getting crushed the game so out of curiousity)
I played one of those thought steals and got one more.
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I once was facing a warrior who cleared my ysera and i then thought steal and grab the ysera in his own deck and play it the turn after. I ended up winning the game with his ysera.
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Yesterday I had a priest vs priest match.

I thoughtstole his thoughtsteal with that thoughtsteal I managed to get another one. Basicly I had an endless cycle of thoughtsteals for about 6 turns in a row, needless to say I raped the other priest with massive card advantage
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Any weapon i steal, just because it's hilarious to see Anduin equip a Gorehowl or Doomhammer :p
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Playing against a Shaman :

- He has about 5 cards left in his deck. I thoughtsteal Al'Akir the Windlord and Faceless Manipulator! Awesome!
- Next turn, he draws his Windlord and summons it, making some damage.
- On my turn, I summon "my Manipulator" and copy his Windlord! I destroy it.
- Next turn, he draws his Manipulator and he copies "my Windlord", destroying him.
- On my turn, I summon "my Windlord" from my hand and destroys his Windlord.

I then went on to win the game! T'was a crazy game! ;)
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