Prophet velen

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Does anyone have a decent prophet velen deck? If so post link!
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you can always just include one velen one mind blast, run holy smites and !@#$ ^^...
tryout something yourself id suggest, if you find something fun working why not go for it. you will get better by building decks yourself and try them, eventually you will became the new reynad :P

i run velen currently cause i just dont give a %^-* anymore, i played basic priest decks alot and i just wanna play sth else now.
well i get all the aoe for early boardclear in my current deck: auchenai+circle, pyro+pw:shield+holy smite etc. and holy novas.
much carddraw with 2 clerics+circle, azure drake (u usually lack good 5 drops, also gives spellpower for holy smite, fire, nova, auchenai+circle and even mind blast), bloodmage thalnos and the 2 pw: shields u should always have for sure ^^

if you have stuff like alexstrasza aswell (i do) i like running it to so you can prepare a burst combo with velen decently well. ragnaros etc is always good

efficient minions for the deck are obv blademaster with circle, also senjin and sunwalker are in my deck to have some taunt.

well these were some ideas for you, i wont give you my exact deck (i am testing it myself too) but so far i like it...i didnt play much ladder till now, i mostly watched streams the last months but that might change in the futrue. for now the highest rank was 8 ^^
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I mostly use him to heal back up and to draw out removal. Left alone he can be really awesome since he can kill most stuff and heal himself back up, and if you happen to have a spell that is great as well; But most of the time he's just a 7/7 that boost your healing.
Mind Blast + Velen is very strong, but unreliable, since you can't put 2 Velen in your deck.
Velen is a good card but not the immediate impact other class legendaries have.
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