Disclaimer: yes I am a hearthnoob I have not been playing long and was not in beta

the deck I am currently using is:

2xcircle of healing
2xpower word: shield
2xnorthshire cleric
1xshadow word: pain
2xancient watchers
1xcrazed alchemist
2xsunfury protectors
2xshadow word: death
1xearthen ring farseer
2xinjured blademaster
2auchenai soulpriest
1xdefender of argus
2xholy nova
2xcabal shadow priest

as listed in this thread:

and so far it is working amazing I have gone from about 65% win rate on my old deck to about 85% win rate on this one but I have noticed it has a few glaring weaknesses

1. it has no end game options at all
so I was thiking of adding either a mind control/rag or a faceless manipulator

2. it has no was of ensuring big card draws so I was thinking of adding a wild pyromancer in for some northshire+CoH synergy

but my problem lies in not knowing what to remove to add them in or if it would even be worth it