Kidnapper outside the bounce deck

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Is there any point to the kidnapper apart from using him for gimmicks? He has a pretty good ability, but those stats are just... not good :P
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he has stats for 4 mana and does a 2 mana ability but its just so poorly distributed
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"does a 2 mana ability"

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I can't see any real use for him as long as sap exists. I'd rather play a yeti and sap all day long. I'd probably rather play almost any 4 drop and a sap thinking about it. 3 health is far too easily removed by 2 drop minions and cheap spells.
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I've just had a think about how he could be made better, and I think one possible change (which I very much doubt will happen) is for his text to be something like "Combo: remove a minion with a cost of 3(?) mana or less and place it in your hand". This would for better with the whole kidnapping idea and would make the card a hell of a lot better, and bring it somewhere in line with Cabal Shadow Priest. The text might need some tweaking but I'm not a balance designer ;)
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6 mana for a 5/3 is underwhelming. Most cards with poor stats are redeemed by the text in their box, but not kidnapper for sure.

His effect is WAY too situational, to make his effect work optimally, you need.

1) Something played earlier to trigger his combo. By rogue standards, this is easily achievable. However if you consider his whooping 6 mana cost, it either be wait tilll turn 8/9 before you can combo, or you will be playing a vanilla 5/3 for 6 mana. Cards like backstab can trigger the combo, but again one can question why a player will be holding backstab until turn 6.

2) Something worthy to bounce back. Whether a battlecry minion you have, or a huge threat your opponent placed. No point bouncing a 3/2 or a minion your opponent can battlecry again.

For an epic card, the kidnapper is rather crappy, way too situational. Even using boulderfist orge in place of kidnapper makes 100% more sense.
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Kidnapper is cost-efficient and fits the standard mana curve. He is bad for the same reason Yeti is so good, despite fitting their curve. Basically its because 5 health on turn 4 is hard to get rid of without burning a hard removal for every class. Kidnapper is bad because his effect is far too situational as a combo and his stats are inefficient without his combo effect.
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I never really paid too much attention to it, but for an epic, holy moley it sucks. rarity should count for something a little, they could make give it an extra stat or something...hes really terrible
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<even in a bounce deck, the kidnapper is terrible... so no.
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