Need to craft something?

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I have...
Let's be honest here: My deck is not very good.
But I just scraped together 1600 dust.
I was going to craft a Bloodmage Thalnos... but I also have no Pyroblast and no Blizzard.
I suppose those would be more useful?
Or maybe an Auctioneer?

I have Cairne, Antonidas, Malygos, Nazdormu (gah), and Illidan.
I also have the "normal sort of stuff" like Kirin Tor Mage and Azure Drakes and Twilight Drakes (I don't have all the secrets though)
I'm not posting a whole deck because whatever I craft next will drastically change my deck.

You will say "Well what kind of deck do you want to play?"
My deck needs work. My deck is not good, and it makes me angry.
But it's sort of aggroish-until-I-get-Antonidas-out and then hope-they-aren't-a-priest.
Basically I like playing Antonidas. He's fun. He doesn't always work, but it's very satisfying when he does. So I am guessing you will say that Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Blizzard might be good to craft with this dust.

But I am asking anyway because I need a second opinion.
And I won't dust the dragon even if it is lame.
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Let's go rag. It might not be the best choice, but it can't be the worst.
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2x wisp ^_^
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Ragnaros and Faceless Manipulator would be my priority, the game plan being to survive to late game and whip out the big boys.

Also Bloodmage Thalnos is a truly great card, such a small minion has changed so much for me since I got him. The spell damage and card draw give you so much value from a 2 mana minion.

What kind of level are you playing at? I don't see many mages using Antonidas because he gets removed immediately.
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I have just recently crafted a Faceless; it's ok but I don't think I am using it very well yet.
Ugh I only get to around ranked 18 or 17 if I am lucky. I am not playing at a high level. I would like to make it "one higher rank each season" and I am failing.

Honestly if I want to get much higher I think I will have to go Warlock or something. I don't like Hunter. (Well, I suppose "Miracle Rogue" is the hotness right now, but that's complicated to play. I don't have Jaraxxus or VanCleef or, well, much.)

That's why I like the idea of Thalnos or Rag - if I have to switch, they fit reasonably into other decks.

But I genuinely enjoy playing Mage. And I know Blizzard/Pyro would help, if I want to keep playing it.

@Auro I dusted my wisps. I felt bad doing it.
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Blizzard and Pyro are below average unless the deck is built around them.

Mages are viable on ladder (I was rank1 last season).

IF u play aggromage with Antonidas being your finisher, Rag is worse than Nozdormu (that one at least screws slow opponents).

U should build your deck in response to what u meet on ladder the most. U might go with divine shield minions if u want to trade favorably against aggrodecks but u don't encounter many Shamans.

Crafting Thalnos should not be the priority. More often than not u will just cycle him making him a worse Loot Hoarder.
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Ok so the answer is I shouldn't ask you for answers, I think.
I will craft whatever I want, heh.

But thank you for your input, and encouragement about mage "actually being viable"!
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