Stuck around rank 17-16-15

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using this deck that I had tossed together I've managed to do decently up to this point.. but my last week or so i've stagnated around rank 16. Wondering if anyone can give me some helpfull tips towards changing my deck a bit?

Please give reasons for removing the cards you do and for adding which cards to replace it with. Trying to learn more about mana curve and the like so any and all info will be helpful :);87:2;92:2;97:1;131:1;174:2;244:1;286:2;382:2;417:2;428:2;433:1;463:1;471:2;503:1;513:2;550:2;568:2;627:1;
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Are you going for aggro or midrange? It seems you are trying to do both. I personally would go the tempo rogue route. I've been having fun with this deck:

I am currently running -1 loot hoarder +1 Big Game Hunter
-2 yeti +2 dark iron dwarf. The dwarf is a little more situational but you can use his ability to great affect. I just won a game yesterday playing double dwarf on my azure drake for the win. You can also use them with Big game hunter to take out that savannah highmane etc.
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Originally I wasn't trying for either as i'm still learning the deck type lingo but it does kinda feel like an aggro deck with a lot of removal and control capability... suppose i need to go one route or the other as you really can't do two types at once and be effective.

suppose more research is in order :)
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