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Anyone else starting to test them out with all the aggro decks around?

They seem to work well with my mage deck.

It's still a rough fight, but it's not an outright loss any more.
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if more class / synergy creatures were 3+ i would..what makes it work well for you?
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My problem with the fast creature decks is killing them. Mage AoE is awfully expensive. Too expensive really. All but arcane blast should be reduced in cost OR increased in damage.

I do fine against other slow control decks. Especially as I play more, and understand what to expect and prepare for.
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Yeh, Abom is a fine "get back in the game" card. Sunwalker and Sylvanas can fill the same role I think (but Sylvanas is a bit more greedy against aggro).

In my deck I use Sylvanas (since I need a tool against control rather than just an anti-aggro measure), but Abom has been on my mind to help against aggro. The thing is, my match-ups vs aggrolock kinda sucks no matter what I do with my Secrets deck so why gimp other match-ups to marginally increase my odds in this one. Plus the 2 dmg can sting, which is why Sunwalker is a reasonable alternative.
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I find my abom to easy disabled or used against me and his 2 damage aoe is often not enough.
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Against Zoo or Hunter rush it seems that he is just a speed bump that actually ends up helping them as it dies, another free 2 damage just for killing the creature they would kill anyways.

Whatever turns comes around, he has a a 1/3 and two 3/2's out, so you plop down your abomination. Pass the turn. He plays defender of argus on his 3/2's, uses soulfire to kill your abomination. Your screwed.

He has already pinged you down to half hp with his hero ability by now and just played out a 4/2 rush and swung that you dealt with a frost bolt or something so he followed it up with a 4/4 defender animal companion. You drop your abomination to trade with him. He deadly shots it, swings in with his animal companion, continues to hit you with his hero ability. Your screwed.

Rush is far to prevalent a deck to be running abomination. Understandably abom seems like an anti rush card, but unfortunately by the time your able to play him if you are facing a true rush deck your already requiring every last hp you have just to stay alive another turn or two and giving the opponent another 2 damage for free is the last thing you want to do.
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Against aggro-decks I would take a cone of cold (I know people think it's bad) over the abomination just because against the aggro losing a turn to freeze can really mess up the tempo, since as a mage you are bound to have SOME form of board clear if you can get to it.
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