handlock vs zoo

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I'm not a warlock player for the most part. I was curious though as to how handlock fared vs zoo. Anybody with experience in this care to chime in? Thanks.
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my handlock always run with 1 hellfire. If the draw is good, i will have enough taunt to get to middle-end game. Then i win.

If zoo start real fast, if i dont have my giants in hand! with DoA or the cheaper one (2 Mana) i am toasted
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I play both, it's usually up to the handlock if it can get an aoe off and big taunts up. If that happens zoo has no chance. However if the handlock can't get the draw it will crater around t5 having done practically nothing. I would give the edge to the handlock but it can go either way.
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It's in zoo's favour in my opinion, or any aggro deck for that matter since the hand lock can't really Life Tap the first few turns for a big turn 4 drop. The matchup is really dependent on being able to play a molten giant or two by the midgame with taunt, otherwise you just get run over. A good aoe can help but that's not always enough since a good zoo player won't have overcommitted to the board and will be able to play 2-3 minions the next turn.
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Handlock runs over Zoo lol.
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I believe it used to be swayed in the favour of the handlock as long as it could dump some big taunts by turn 6 but more recently people have started playing a hyper aggro version of zoo (basically a slight variation on the older aggrolock builds) which is fast enough to be able to kill handlock before it can gain any control.
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I've been playing a lot of Handlock over the past few days and have pushed my rank from 14 to 7 playing only Handlock. I have played against a lot of zoo and can say my win rate is probably 6 or 7 out of 10. If you run a Hellfire and 2 x Shadow Flame you can use your Ancient Watchers to clear their board twice which frees up the board for your Twilight Drakes and Giants with taunt. Zoo generally do not run any removal, so if you can get board control off them you will win. Obviously zoo can get hold of Handlock early if lock does not draw well. As a Handlock I am mostly fearful of Hunters and their hunter's mark, that card is OP. Shaman's are the next big pain with Earth Shock and Hex. Priests are next due to SWD and MC then Mages with their Poly/Fireball/Pyro stuff and Control Warrior can be a tough opponent. Damn hard work though once you get to rank 9.
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If I pull one hellfire against Zoo, I usually win. If I pull both, I always win. Similarly for Molten Giants. If I pull one+sunfury, I can usually win. If I pull both, it's GG.
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Pretty much depends on what each player draws. If the HandLock gets a Molten Giant out with Taunt, they will almost always win in my experience
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05/16/2014 09:04 AMPosted by SirDrinxalot
As a Handlock I am mostly fearful of Hunters and their hunter's mark, that card is OP. Shaman's are the next big pain with Earth Shock and Hex. Priests are next due to SWD and MC then Mages with their Poly/Fireball/Pyro stuff and Control Warrior can be a tough opponent. Damn hard work though once you get to rank 9.

I agree the earth shock one shotting drakes is a problem.
I dont seem to have as many problems with priests tho, i really strugle with paladins equality+aoe.

On the topic if the handlock doesnt get his taunts up early he will be in a lot of pain.
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I've played Handlock for a few months, and in my experience, zoo is a pretty easy match. The basic rule I go with is "when they tap, I tap", and that keeps me in card advantage. I play Tazdingo in my deck, and he's really major in this match. After 2-3 AOE's or large taunts, and that's that.

Once you resolve a giant or 2, they lose.
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Between hellfire and shadowflame, handlock fares pretty well against zoo. Just keep in mind of what life you are at and the fact they could draw a doomguard or soulfire for unexpected damage.
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Handlock gains the upper hand at 12-14 hp and swings for a fast win in few turns.
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It is about 50/50 in my experience. Mainly if you draw hellfire or have the watcher shadow flame combo. You need atleast one board clear to go off before you can win.

There are ways you can vastly increase chances against zoo. One way is blood knight, which works very well against argent squire users like shaman, tempo rogue, zoo, token druid.
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Depends on the draw of the handlock. Zoos can't handle the moltens or the board clears. Zoos can't afford to let the handlock hover around 18 life since they don't have the damage from hand to burst him down. Used to be a good matchup for zoos but I think handlocks adapted well. Probably favorable for Handlock.
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Wish I found it as easy as some here. I run 2 hellfire's and a shadow flame and have to guess I'm 50/50 at best against Zoo. Once I get one big taunt up the game usually slows down enough for me to win, but getting that up is the hard part.

My worst match though is the aggro mage. I don't have enough healing to get out of burn range and I always get real low before stabilizing. Fortunately it doesn't seem very popular, but when I see a mage I just cringe. Maybe it's a matter of mulliganing for the right cards.
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It's very draw dependant. If the handlock gets his aoe clear or bigger taunts up to delay the zoo, then it's definately a win for the handlock. But if he doesn't do much and Zoo gets to develop a board, he can easily find himself sitting on about 10-14 Hp turn 5. And from there, zoo can have an easy time going for the kill.
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In my experience, it depends heavily on draws. Handlock has clears and taunts, but a decent zoo player can bait them out or work around them. The big taunts are not always enough of a threat (I run owls for the silence specifically to get around big taunts), but if you allow a handlock deck to get to turn 7 or so without lethal in sight, you are likely screwed as zoo.
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Unless you've built your handlock deck to do nothing until 4 mana, you should beat Zoo unless you get a piss-poor draw. As in, no removal, no taunts, no AOE, no Molten Giants.

I know when I play Zoo it usually is pull 1 hellfire means I'll probably win, pull 2 and I definitely win.
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Depends on the variation. I always pack 2 Hellfires when climbing the ladder, and a Shadowflame just in case (actually considering removing Thalnos for another Shadowflame). If you can manage to draw the necessary cards, Zoolocks are easy to crush with AoE.
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