How is this build?

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At the moment I have no good legendaries, nor do I have enough decent epic cards. I already spent a lot money on cards to purchase new ones, but even so, I could not get any of the legendaries that I want, so the best I could do was to disenchant all the useless cards to craft more rare and common cards. So I came up with a deck build that is rather non-specific, but encompasses all the top-tier cards in the class to make an overall, solid deck that can adapt to any playstyle.

So please, comment on how my deck is and what changes I should be making. Thanks.

2 Backstab
2 Deadly poison
2 Leper gnome
2 Eviscerate
2 Defias ringleader
2 Faerie dragon
1 Perdition blade
2 Fan of knives
2 Harvest golem
2 SI:7 agent
2 Senjin shieldmasta
2 Assassin blade
2 Assassinate
2 Azure drake
2 Argent commander
1 Sprint
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Your deck is very aggressive. A poor mans albeit good tempo deck. The thing I would remove is 1 of the assassins blade and put in a minion. The 5 mana is a bit expensive for more than one go and also having a 2nd one can cause it to be a dead card. Other than that, it looks good but will suffer late game taunts that druids can throw out. It also will suffer against handlock depending on their draws etc so you will have to be very aggressive against them. I would also get rid of at the very least a FoK because without an azure drake out it will be almost worthless even against murlocs because of synergy buffs. So get rid of both or one and grab a low cost + spell dmg. Even then you are building around one scenario which can affect how well the deck performs overall. You could throw in a couple saps to remove big taunts that allow you to push that last bit of damage or keep up your tempo.

So I would put in maybe a couple of yetis vs the FoKs and also, I personally dislike the ringleaders because they are good for early game combos whereas they quickly lose their value in my experience.

Depending on what rank you will be in, you will either face more aggressive decks like murlock, zoo, etc, etc. Later, I at least have faced tons of control warriors with much end game legendaries that feel almost impossible to win against along with handlock.
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I'm not very sure that your deck is foolproof but if you like aggro play style i suggest this deck.

2x Backstab
1x Cold Blood
2x Deadly Poison
2x Leper Gnome
1x Blade Flurry
2x Eviscerate
1x Sap
1x Ironbeak Owl (or 2x if you deside not to use Spellbreaker)
2x Loot Hoarder
2x Razorfen Hunter
2x SI:7 Agent
2x Wolfrider
1x Chillwind Yeti
2x Defender of Argus
2x Nightblade (or 2x Argent Commander)
1x Spellbreaker
2x Azure Drake
2x Defias Ringleader
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