Priest have too many hard removal, i'm stuck.

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Hello, i have trouble winning against priest, i can never put anything on the board, it gets removed instantly, and as a mage i only have two somewhat hard remove (sheep + hero spell) that cost 6 mana, meaning i cannot kill anything on the board before turn 6 against a priest.

Games against priest basically start this way, the priest nearly always have northshire cleric at start (i don't know by what miracle they have this chance) and i usually end up with three cards that cost 3 mana or more while my deck have 10 cards that cost 1 mana and 4 cards that cost 2 (because i got fed up always starting with cards i cannot play ... making half the deck costing less than 3 mana didn't help having more cards that cost less than 3 mana at start, thanks blizzard). When replacing the starting hand, i usually get cards that cost even more as replacement (Hello ! Starting the game with blizzard + archmage + fireball, will surly help me fight against mass 3 life monsters before turn 7 ! If the archmage survive turn 6 !)

The mana wyrm get stomped with a monster or with smite because i had to kill a monster to don't die. The secret keeper get smited (if i wait to get a secret before using it, i will usually die before using it), the sorcerer's apprentice get hard removed or smited, the elemental get hard removed, the time to get at the point of high cost cards, the priest already have a good army i cannot kill with area spells because they have too much life or they are buffed to have too much life. It's not rare to get my own creature sheeped, killed by fireballs, freezed because the priest copied it, adding to his deck even more control cards. I my sheep sometimes fail because, well, the priest got my counterspell... to get two more hard removal, i had vaporize during a time, but the priest just sacrificed it's low life/attack units on it and kept stomping me, big monster that cause problems never got killed by vapozire, and it turned out the rare time i could win because i had an elemental alive, it died because the priest stole my vaporize, nice...

I don't just don't know what to do, all decks i tried as mage always failled against priest (and when it didn't, it was because the priest was a new comer), i need a deck that have at least one chance against every class because you don't choose who you will face in ranked games, meaning i need a solution to beat priest with basic cards without removing my chances against other heros.

Please note i do not plan on paying real money, i have no legendaries cards, i only have basic cards you get for free when leveling up, some decks i bought that got me cards for heros i don't even play and that aren't worth disenchanting (yay, 5.... again...). I'm stuck at rank 18 because priest block me the way further. I'm at the point where when i see a priest, if i cannot make my monsters stay alive more than one turn for multiple turn in a row, i just concede and proceed to the next game where i will have a chance to win, if i don't face a priest again.

I beg you, help a desperate mage.
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You really need a good start against a priest. Ideally Mana Wyrm plus a frostbolt to get rid of that Northshire Cleric plus some board presence.

The idea is to not fall too far behind come turn 4 an 5, then be sure to drop your minions which have 4 attack. Use fireball to remove big threats, but save your sheep for Mind Control if you think the match is going all the way to round 10.

If you do manage to get ahead in this match up, don't over commit the board when coming up to turn 5, because of Holy Nova.

As the game goes on make sure you keep note of how many shadow word pain and shadow word deaths the priests has used, because after 2 shadow word deaths you can think about dropping Raggy (and when the priest mind controls Raggy I will have my faceless manipulator and big game hunter combo ready for it)

I hope this helps and if you don't have those cards available to you, then you should definitely consider crafting them at the earliest opportunity if you plan on playing below rank 10.
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Hello, i don't have big game hunter, nor Ragnaros (raggy is ragnaros right ?) and they cost too much to craft...

From what you're writing i'm not doing wrong, i just don't have money to spend on the game ...
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Nope I'm an f2p mage and having no problems against priest. Just drop in a counterspell or two with kirin tor mage and see wins.
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You don't need a mana worm, and you don't need to spend money.

At your level, you should have an extremely favorable matchup against priests, because they're entirely depending on rare cards and northshire cleric for their class draw mechanics, and you are loaded with removal.

1. Mulligan your starting hand for some early removal. Plan on them dropping clerics.
2. Use owls. They're super cheap commons, and silence is just as good as any removal against most priest cards.
3. Don't trade your fireballs for minions unless you have to. You need to win somehow.
4. Don't be too spell heavy. Minions primarily will win you games, or the effects derived from minions.
5. Put some cheap, quality minions in your deck like Chillwind yeti. It's one of the best 4 drops in the game and they have to put in some serious effort to remove it.
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I find that the key is to rely on mid-game minions that sync well with the rest of your deck. If you're relying on direct damage spells (especially as finishers), consider 2x Ogre Magi + 2x Azure Drake--both buff your spell damage, dodge shadow words, and are big enough that the priest (or any class) can't just ignore them with its own minions. Minions like Wolf Riders are valuable here too, as they can stabilize the board (and sometimes bait a shadow word) until your 4+ minions arrive without burning a frostbolt (saving it for those crazy finisher combos).

If you're not too worried about buffing spells, Yetis fill the space well, and Spellbreakers can shut down Clerics, etc. (though they're more fragile). Owls aren't bad silencers either, and if a priest wastes a shadow word on one, that's usually okay.
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Any decent priest will not drop their cleric in opening rounds. If they do, it deserves to die. As someone who has been playing a lot of priest lately, your best bet is early removal, and then using high damage combos with your direct spell abilities.

Good luck
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if priest is your absolute worst to deal with, then put something in to help.

ideally, 4 attack creatures. Find room to replace cards for others such as:

Yeti - Excellent Stats for 4 cc, should probably be in your deck anyways.

Azure Drake - goes great with your Spell Cards and replaces itself.

Kirin Tor mage - Lets you put out two cards on turn 3, very good and priest cant touch it at 4 attack, also combos well with mana wyrm. turn 1 Mana wyrm, turn 2 coin into kirin and put a free counterspell down. Your wyrm is a 3/3 you have a 4/3 that a priest cant do anything about and you will counter any spell the priest tries to use on the wyrm, all on turn 2.

Spell Breaker - Silence is all around useful against most decks, it has 4 attack so a priest cant touch it. Yeti is a better choice at 5 hp for the same cost but if your looking to fill your deck with 4 attack creatures this is one.
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trouble against priests ... wut
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