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This is card is overpowered. For 0 mana you can invalidate most 1-2 mana drops and it also functions as a ridiculously effective combo set up (like this+eviscerate = 6 dmg 2 mana. Fireball =4 mana and it's already considered one of the most damage:mana efficient spells).

The fact that it can't be used on damaged minions hardly ever comes into play. Besides, almost all 1-2 mana removals in this game are used like backstab (to kill la full hp target) so I don't think the "drawback" of the card justifies it's 0 mana cost.
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ok, so... what about ice lance? 1 mana, potentially 4 damage. frostbolt + ice lance is 7 damage and frozen for 3 cost. Same thing, the freezing requirement rarely ever comes into play because of the other cards with the freeze effect. Yes, backstab is efficient, yes it's a great combo initiator, but I think that that's exactly what it was supposed to be, something for rogues to initiate their combos with, without being a wisp.
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"The fact that it can't be used on injured minions hardly comes into play."

Yes, that's what I think when looking at an Amani Berserker that I have to take 5 damage from because knifing it before its enraged means no using Backstab. :(

The game lasts longer than 3 turns, right? Or are you just talking only about playing it in the first 3 turns? Yes, it's a good card to start the game with. Fiery War Axe for warrior is better, that's complete control for 2 turns, play w/e you like. Can be coined out turn 1. And REALLY almost nothing survives it, not just things with only 2 health. There's actually quite a few 2/3s out there.

As for comparing Fireball to Backstab Evis.... surely having to play 1 card instead of 2 is worth 2 mana, isn't it? Outside of the Auctioneer conga-line that is Miracle Rogue, having to play lots of little cards is a huge drawback. Evis is pretty miserable if you CAN'T kick off the combo somehow, so that 4 damage of removal has an additional cost of at least one other card, and the mana to play that other card.
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Yes, Backstab should be 1 mana in line with Hunter's Mark, and Circle of Healing should be 1 mana also.
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So how the hell then u must play ur SI-7 with combo ? Huh ?)
25 rank experts)
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Can't compare Backstab + Evis to a Fireball. For one, it's two cards instead of one which matters, and for two; fireball can go face for 6 or damage a minion for 6. Backstab + Evis can only damage a full health minion for 6.

Then, if you make it 1 mana then you pretty much take away a Rogues ability to fight back early in the game. It delays most early game combos by 1 turn. On turn 3 you expect to see a minion with 4 health (hence the Backstab + SI combo). Make it 1 mana and you can't effectively fight that minion anymore.

Rogue decks require a high skill cap already; I completely disagree with changing any of it's basic cards.
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Backstab can't damage face and doesn't do much by itself on late or in topdeck situations.

That "undamaged" and "minions" makes it way worse than fireball, double fireball means 12 potencial damage to face and finish the game, rogue can't deal 12 damage to face with 2 cards.

Anyway, yes, it's efficent but like most rogue cards it doesn't bring much value by itself.
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You've got to be kidding me.

Rogues have precious few early round removals and activators. This single card has multiple drawbacks. Let me explain :

Rogues walk a fine line with combos, play too many and you're out of cards. Backstab reinforces this dilemma and makes burning multiple cards tantalizing. It cannot attack a hero. It can't be used against undamaged minions.

It's most efficiently used as an activator for SI:7 or Eviscerate or even as a card draw engine for Auctioneer.

It's probably one of the very few Rogue cards Blizzard actually got right.
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Holy cow, did you see the size of that necro?!
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"Backstab is OP" thread getting necro'd.

What a time to be alive.
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The OP's last post was in 2014. Clearly he got backstabbed. Sad to get removed by a zero drop.
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If a warrior plays Ice Rager+inner rage you cant backstab it and need to take 7 face dmg knifing it, ice rager OP needs nerf kappa
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Muffin, we have 1 situational early game presence, boo hoo
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To simply put, rogue as a class, relies on Backstab to survive literally everything.
Consider what you can do with Backstab, yes, it is kinda op.
But imagine a standard scenario.

Opponent plays a 2/3 on turn 2, how would you deal with that if you don't have a backstab?
You can't, and even if you do, your options are mostly
A) weapon up, take 2 to face to kill off that minion and still losing tempo.
B) use an eviscrate on that 1 health and still loses the tempo game.
C) Coin out SI:7 and his minion still on board,
which i) he is on curve and you will take damage, and he has a minion to challenge your SI:7
which your best respond would be a fan of knifes, which only clears board, but still losing tempo OR
ii) he attempts to trade, uses hero power, then you might have a chance to gain tempo but
iii) where your opponent kills off SI:7 with a spell and keeps his 2/1

As we all know by now the importance of tempo.
The later you try to catch up, the tougher it gets.

So you are losing health, and you are losing tempo and losing card advantage.
And you are waiting for the right cards to clear the board...

Da*n it, if I could just AOE clear...opps, bye bye Blade Flurry.

This left only one option to rogues, which is burst damage out of this misery.
And hence why Miracle rogue is probably the only rogue deck that is worth using.
Even that, the deck can fall into the issue with not drawing into the right cards
either trying to survive, or trying to win the game.
Which again, depends if you have backstab at the right time with other right cards.

Is backstab OP? Yes , yes it is.
Can rogues be a thing without it? nope, Rogues would be the worst class without it.
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A nerf backstab thread, oh lawd today is a silly day for the forums.

"The fact it can't be used on injured targets barely comes to play" lol. facepalm.
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you forget that Backstab is card. in your deck. 1 mana deal 2 dmg hasn't been good enough for long time, it needs something extra to be playable.

Also, Rogue has no innate healing, so they need a way to removal early game creatures fast or they would be even more of joke.
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