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Okay look I understand rogue is a pretty strong right now, I won't hold it against you guys. I just am so tired of losing 30-0 against the miracle rogue when I play Shaman. I was wondering if any of you guys lose to shamans or what other shamans do that enables them to beat you?

I run a standard control shaman

My games usually go something like...

I fight for board control as he dumps his removal into my yeti/harvest golem etc...
around turn 5 I finally stabilize board control around the same turns that he get out auctioneer and start cycling spells. By turn 8 he's got a weapon on waiting to bladeflurry the taunts I have established from defender of argus and my wolves, the same turn that he bladeflurries he pretty much OTK's me as he just killed all my taunts. The whole game I make favorable trades, but can never get even a point of damage in before my minions are removed one way or another.

What can I do differently?
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why are you asking rogues instead of shamans?

anyway miracle craps all over control. I have toyed around with shaman lately, and had the fun time of going up against a miracle rogue. I personally am NOT playing shaman control. I took an aggressive shaman/aggro deck (not even sure you can call it that) its not consistent, but wind fury/really going out for that rush early damage helps quite a bit. one thing miracle doesn't do well is against early aggro/face decks. Honestly, I took some of my rogue plays, tossed them into my shaman,dropped leroy+rockbiter+wind fury, GG he never knew what hit him. Its not like this will win you every game, but rogues have a lot harder time dealing with early aggressive decks, especially when you throw up wolves to draw their attacks. They HAVE to respond to those if they want a clear shot at your face.
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Ha, I made a thread couple days back asking for help as a control warrior.

I still don't have any kind of reliable way to defeat rogues.
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Well I thought rogues would know what problems (if any) they have against shamans, apparently not many (atleast as far as control shaman). Anyways, know your enemy right?

Thanks for the advice though. Maybe I'll really try to push for early pressure with my deck, or alter it to be slightly more aggressive for those matchups.
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hello Im a rogue player and play miracle rogue sometimes but im also a shaman control deck player and its like has previously been stated, Miracle is really really good against control. Hex rarely does anything so its a dead draw.

what you have to hope for is to lightning storm and kill the concealed gadgetzan and hope he did not draw super much on T5 or T6. its a long shot and its really difficult to do.

you also need to keep your taunts alive no matter what and do it after the miracle used both blade flurry... its not easy :p
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Brewmaster your Wrath of Air Totem, Mulligan for Lightning storm and cheap spellpower minions (or Brewmasters). Feral Spirits ain't bad, especially if you can Ooze his blade when he's put a Deadly Poison on.
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Good point Raptarius, I'll definitely experiment with the Brewmaster idea. And I'm sure Ooze will help as well. I'm also thinking that I should use m DOA on wolves instead of totems so that the wolves go to 4 health out of range of Blade flurry.
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