How can I better my deck?

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Hello. I've been playing ranked as a mage for every season. I can't play that much due to work and it makes heavy research on decks quite difficult. I was wondering if anyone could offer some comments about my deck and how to improve it? I'm around rank 14 at the moment, slowly climbing and getting better, but I'm just wondering how much my deck is holding me back.

2 x arcane missiles
2 x ice lance
1 x leper gnome
1 x mana wyrm
2 x arcane explosion
2 x frostbolt
1 x millhouse manastorm
1 x nat pagle
1 x sorcerer's apprentice
1 x counterspell
1 x frost nova
1 x mirror entity
1 x vaporize
1 x cone of cold
2 x fireball
2 x polymorph
2 x water elemental
1 x gurubashi beserker
1 x blizzard
1 x archmage
1 x flamestrike
1 x archmage antonidas
1 x pyroblast

I know first off there isn't much consistency in the deck, sometimes I find I either have a great game or I just find myself with a really bad hand and far too behind by mid game. Also,is Millhouse even useful? He eats up high cost spells for only 2 mana, but sometimes (i.e. mind control) he can often be a bit hit and miss as to how useful he is.

Thanks in advance for comments
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Since you many secret cards, why not add 2 Kirin Tor Mage?
You have many low cost Spell cards, so Mana wyrm is more threathening than leper gnome.
At last Arcane explosion has little combinations with others. Replace one with Wild Pyromancer or Bloodmage
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