Anti Zoo / Anti Miracle Rogue Deck

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surprisingly solid....

Arcane Missiles X2
Mirror Image X2
Elven Archer X1
Mana Wyrm X2
Arcane Explosion X2
Frostbolt X2
Bloodmage Thalnos
Knife Juggler X2
Sorcerer's App X2
Arcane Intellect X2
Acolyte of Pain X1
Dalaran Mage X2
Cone of Cold X1
Fireball X2
Polymorph X1
Water Elemental X2
Blizzard X1
Flamestrike X1
Archmage Antonidas

Been messing around with it for a few days, it's got a nice win % vs those two popular decks. Probably pretty trashy against more standard tempo decks but those aren't too popular anymore, so this could be OK.
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pretty good looking deck.

imo you should swap cone and poly for a 2x teacher... still acts as a zoo deterrent and also combos off of juggler nicely.. more board dmg free.

poly isnt useful against either of the decks you're trying to counter really. only thing you'd land it on is rogue leggie.. you're not going to land it on autioneer against anyone decent. cone is high cost for a 3 stall. your ramp between 2 - 5 is already pretty good, i feel like you could drop it.

Dal mage is iffy but in your deck it fits better than most.
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going to try this deck as with the new naxx everything, I am more and more discouraged.. I don't have archmage antonidas tho... Or bloodmage thalanos..

I have maly gos, if I get to play him, or loetheb... and someone suggested drop cone?

lots of big guns coming out tho.. so shouldn't poly be a must have? and possibly silence?
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Against zoo - concede
Against miracle rogue - kill her before she develops the Auctioneer drawing frenzy and Shadow Step Edwin / Leeroy combo.
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